Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Coming Storm

Last week, a ferocious storm blew through our area.  It blustered and howled and threatened to lift the very roof off our shouse.   As is typical here, the wind was stayed until everyone had been tucked snugly into bed.  As the shouse grew quite, the wind began to softly sing.  It started out quietly and then grew louder and louder and louder.  Soon, it was knocking at the door, politely asking to come in.  When we didn't answer, the wind grew aggressive.  No longer was it polite.  It became positively demanding.  Then it began ripping at the shouse itself, trying to gain entry.  

As I lay in bed, praying that the roof remain in tact, I realized that, as a nation, we are facing a storm of epic proportions.  The wind has begun to blow.  It will grow stronger.  And, it will threaten our very foundations.

The wind blew, the beams creaked and I prayed.  Through the night, the wind sung its siren song but the shouse held fast.  It held fast because we had no loose ends.  Our shouse had been carefully maintained.  Knowing we live in a windswept area, we had been sure to tighten any loose screws and strengthen weak areas.  Our chicken coop, on the other, hadn't been maintained quite so well.

A while ago, I had noticed that a screw had come out of the metal roofing on the chicken coop.  It was only one little screw, so I didn't give it much thought.  Every once in a while, when the breeze picked up, the metal would slap against the roof, but other than being a little annoying, it wasn't really posing much of a problem.  As time went by, I noticed that another screw was missing.  Still not a big deal. I didn't think of bringing it to Sir Knight's attention.  We would take care of it when it really needed to be fixed.

As the wind blew during the storm, I heard the chicken coop roof metal frantically flapping.  Bang, bang, bang!  Every time it beat the roof, my prayers became a little more fervent.  Bang, bang, bang!  The sound was driving me nuts.  It mingled with the howling wind and creaking beams, robbing me of the sweet slumber I so desperately craved.

As the morning dawned, the wind withdrew, leaving behind the ravages of nature.  I ventured into the morning mist to survey the damage.  Remarkably, the shouse was left untouched.  No missing pieces of roofing material, no doors ripped from their hinges.  There were a few barrels tossed about and a number of things littering the yard, but short of that, we were left unscathed.  And then I saw the chicken coop.  Large portions of the metal sheeting had been ripped from the roof and lay mangled in the pasture.  The tar paper crumpled in shreds, no longer offering any protection to the plywood sheeting.  Much more than a small section missing two screws lay in ruins.

Frustrated at my lack of foresight, I realized that our lives are so like that chicken coop.  We are facing the biggest storm of our life.  If our country collapses, it will be the equivalent of a massive hurricane.  Our relationships are like those missing screws.  If we have problems that are left unattended, it will be the complete undoing of our entire house.  It is so easy to think that it is just one little screw.  We can ignore that - it isn't really a big deal. It may grate on us, bug us, even irritate us to no end, but we can handle it, right?  But when the wind blows, as it always does, it will pull at that one loose piece of metal. That irritation will rub and rub and rub. As it rubs, it will be just like that metal, loosening the next screw and the next.  Soon, your entire house will be left without protection.  If a massive storm envelops you, having not battened down your hatches, your house will be destroyed.  There is no substitute for maintenance.  Not only do we have to maintain our homes, we have to maintain our relationships.  We will need every one of them.  If you and your spouse are having a tough time now, it is only going to get worse when the storm hits.  You may think that when the collapse comes you will pull together, because you have too, but, the reality is, the storm will tear you apart.  You can't let that happen.  You are going to need each other.  We can't just spend our time preparing for all our physical necessities.  What kind of preppers would we be if we didn't prepare our relationships to withstand the storms?  And as far as I can tell, one of the best ways to prepared for a hurricane force storm is to tighten all the screws.  To batten down the hatches.  We can do no less in our relationships.

We all see the storm coming.  Please, don't put off taking care of your most important relationships thinking that they will take care of themselves.  They won't.  Just like that chicken coop roof didn't miraculously repair itself, breaches in your relationships won't either.  And you are going to need the people in your life a whole heck of a lot more than you will need a chicken coop.  Or even a house for that matter.

The storm is coming.  Now is the time to take care of business.


  1. I am an avid reader of your blog. I love reading your posts about kids and cooking. You sometimes suprise me when you post something like this. You make my own thoughts valid and seem to know how to turn my attention to where it needs to be. Since reading your blog and others I have taken my role as mother, wife, prepper and most important a child of God more seriously. So thanks for your blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts and thank you for turning my attention, yet again, to where it needs to be.

  2. So very well said. You've got me pondering now what "screws" I need to go tighten up myself, and to ask my husband to help me reach.

  3. Thank God, my husband and I have a firm foundation in our marriage and with Christ. But, like all relationships I know we have areas we should improve on. Time to sit and talk about it! Thanks for encouraging and prodding to do what needs to be done. You have a great blog!

  4. A powerful post!

    Thanks for all you do!

  5. I love your blog and am totally on board with preps also.

    Question: in your opinion what is going to be the first "storm"?

    Economic meltdown? Nuclear incident? War in the Middle East?

    Just wondering your thoughts on this.

    Thanks again for an informative and encouraging blog!


  6. I'd say the first and most imnportant "screws" to tighten up is our relationship with Jesus Christ. First and foremost, the Scriptures are full of God's directions to His true believers, His faithful, for what is happening now. We are at the "leading edge" of a once very slow moving train that is rapidly gaining speed. God is about to sweep away man's corrupt government to usher in His kingdom of God.

    BUT we will have to have the perseverance to "endure to the end". Every nation of believers going way back has martyred God's faithful believer's who profess Jesus Christ. It is and will be no different today and ahead. Know Him.

    His wondrous word tells us how He wants us to do that. Abide in Him, 1 John; 2 John , by doing ALL of the Ten Teachings or Ten Commandments as they are God's sign to His people. The end of the age is about worshipping and who we will give our worship to. We will be ovserving these Ten Commandments in His kingdom. Jesus Christ tells us to be an "imitator of Me." So we need to be obedient to His word and immitate Him.

    1 Peter He tells us how to be like the Holy One in our behaviour, what do do to be ready with "tightened screws" of faith, strength, doing right.
    He tells us we are a "chosen race", a royal priesthood." So "man up" and learn His truth for yourselves, not from "mans traditions and precepts and personal interpretations - but God's real truth, study, and be obedient to His every word that does not pass away as He never changes!!!

  7. One of the best set of books I've ever bought is "Stories and Recipes of the Great Depression - Nutrition - Economy - Time" Written by Rita Van Amber with Janet Van Horn Amber Paske.

    It recalls a time when there were food shortages and how people made do with what was available, whether from their gardens, from sharing with neighbors, and reusing repurposing. Outgrown clothing when the last child could no longer wear them were stripped and made into quilts or a different form of clothing. Socks were darned.

    There were good times, too, as family bands (my dad's family was one of those bands that travelled around)families gathered together for dancing, sharing their goods, helping each other ion this great time of need. The indivudual stories are stunning and something we can all learn from. Times were hard, food was scarce and what those strong women made intheir kitchens when there were no eggs, little sugar, often no milk or meat is wondrous.

    Women were the stronghold of the household as they worked miracles to make nutritious meals - none came from a package - while their husbands worked on their land. Many times the land was not workable due to the drought. There was no TEEVEE, no i pods, electronic gadgets. The family read together, played simple games. Good health came right from the garden and from the kitchen concoctions that worked far better, healed people, and no severe side effects of today's drugs.

    People cared about each other, were respectful of one another, took care of families as many all lived together - grandparents and little ones together. Young ones were respectful of family.. They did not discount and disrespect parents and grandparents. Our young ones today need to learn to be humble, how to live with honor and be respectful. Hopefully, there are still a few parents around who care enough about their children to teach them these values.

    This is a 5 (when I purchased them, could be more now) volume series and every one a true treasure. America today could learn a lot from these hard times, and the hard times we now have and more to come. We have become used to "quick fix", easy living with little sacrifice or resourcefulness. Time to make changes, especially in our attitudes.

  8. The most important screws you can tighten are family and faith. Unfortunately, I believe our country has lost too many screws, too much tar paper and plywood to be saved without being completely rebuilt. It is fractured between the too many groups who want without giving, who take without putting in and who don't have built on a foundation of soft sand.

    Hold close to family and friends. Help those who are willing to help themselves, if given a chance.


  9. My comment is directed to Jan, who wonders where the storm will first appear. Jan, I think you're going to see a combination of all three: a worldwide economic collapse, combined with threats of nuclear warfare (EMP?) and chaos in the Middle East (disruption of oil supply?) If the forces of this evil "storm" can keep us off-guard on several fronts, then it will be easier to control us. Like others have said, we must put our trust in Jesus. For the last several months, our little "home church" has been studying the Book of Revelation, which also refers us to the prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel and Zechariah. It's all there in the Book. Those who turn to God and put their faith in Him will weather the storm. He is our only shelter.

  10. Bravo. Great post! Thanks so much for your encouragement and wise counsel.