Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Review - Holding Your Ground

I recently received a copy of "Holding Your Ground" by Joe Nobody ("Do you think that is a pen name?" Enola Gay asks) to peruse and review.  Being more of a guy read than a lady thing, Sir Knight was the first to read it.  As he read, I got the distinct impression (due to the fact that he didn't put it down for two days) that it was well worth the ink on the page.

Sir Knight read intently, occasionally putting the book down and looking at me over his glasses remarking "Hey, we need to think about putting an ADS (Area Denial System) in place" or "Did you know that they made trail cameras that connect wirelessly (no internet or phone service) to your computer from up to a mile away? - We could track enemy movement!".

Joe Nobody was in the military.  Although he never mentions his background, it is clear by his writings that he has experience with "Holding his Ground".  In the current conflicts in the middle east, many of our soldiers have spent years in camps sharpening the skills required to hold their ground.  Not having been in the military, Sir Knight found "Holding Your Ground" to be chuck full of clear, concise information for setting up and defending your home in the event of the unthinkable.  Much more than stringing up razor wire and making homemade land mines (the book doesn't advocate either of these techniques), "Holding Your Ground" walks you through methodology, technique and execution of securing your perimeter without doing damage to your property or creating an eyesore.  He also takes into consideration the concerns of securing a home where children and animals are present.

"Holding Your Ground" has an Excel spreadsheet that is accessible online to help you evaluate the defensibility of your bug-out location and the skills of your group.  Once you determine your defensive position and skills, the book walks you through practical steps to increase both your defense and your skill sets.

This book does not waste your time with in-depth discussion on firearms or training - it simply encourages you to take advantage of all of the information that is available on firearms and tactics, to do your own research, to get firearms and ammunition and to get the best training you can afford.

There are sections on how to defend the block you live on (if you are in the suburbs), what areas to cover, fields of fire and it goes so far as to detail the best way to defend an apartment building.  Setting up a perimeter, including neighbors in your defense plan, dealing with hostiles and those that don't appear hostile (but are) and suggestions on bullet-proofing your firing positions are all included.

The long and short of it?  Buy this book.  DO NOT put this book and mothball it on a shelf.  It is only effective if you read it and put it into practice.  It will make you rethink your defense strategy (or make you think about it, if you haven't already) and give you clear direction as you plan your TEOTWAWKI strategy.  Sir Knight suggests that you read this book, research some of the ideas, read the book again and then implement (or prepare for) the ideas that would be practical for your location.

I must admit, after Sir Knight read "Holding Your Ground", I had to pick it  up.  I found it fascinating!  It was easy for me to understand (even with my lack of tactical knowledge) and had me planning window boxes with beautiful flowers ( when filled with 12 inches of sand they present effective bullet-proofing for up to a .308 caliber rifle!) for all of my windows.

"Holding Your Ground" is an indispensable tool for your preparedness arsenal.  It comes very highly recommended.

Note:  Someone with military experience may not find this book particularly helpful, being familiar with the principles already.  However, for the average "Joe" it is practical and thought provoking.


  1. Enola,

    I may just order that book. One thing important I wanted to mention. Recently in Houston,Tx a home invasion crew dressed up as SWAT team members raided and ransacked a home in Houston. The police that showed up during this event were evan fooled at first.

    Im not a big fan of No Knock searches in the first place, this can only make things more dangerous for law enforcement actually raiding a drug house or meth lab. The bad guys will think its rival bad guys trying to steal their drugs and open fire.

    As we slide deeper into a police state with militarized police and more checkpoints than East Germany had, it will only create more hate, resentment and fear. The crazies will come out of the woodwork. I guess the sane, normal law abiding normal Americans like ourselves will lay low in our houses and pray that this chaos passes quickly.

  2. being in a very isolated rural county and ten miles from the nearest small tiny town, we see alot of vehicles hauling hunters and their dogs during the various hunting/fishing seasons of the year...with this in mind, we always caution our visitors and family to keep their eyes peeled and their ears open. and to use extreme caution when walking the woods, hanging the laundry on the clothesline and any other outdoor activities...and be extra cautious during deer season cause alot of those hunters are pure stupid about where that bullet that missed the deer went to. our house has never been hit by a stray bullet, but many cows and other barnyard animals have been killed this way.

  3. "I found it fascinating! It was easy for me to understand (even with my lack of tactical knowledge) and had me planning window boxes with beautiful flowers ( when filled with 12 inches of sand they present effective bullet-proofing for up to a .308 caliber rifle!) for all of my windows."

    This is timely because I've been thinking about this very subject.

    I'm curious, did the author say to fill the window box with sand, or just the first 12", then top off with dirt? I wonder if regular dirt is as effective as sand at stopping bullets? I'm thinking it probably would be, I'm going off what I have read about using sandbags as a way to help bullet proof your house.Just wondering because I don't know of anything you could grow in pure sand...maybe celery, if you had enough sunlight on the window boxes, but I think it still wouldn't work with pure sand...I guess I'll go get the book, thanks for the review. One thing for sure, window boxes would def look better than sandbags stacked around your house, lol.

  4. On your recommendation, I bought it; and read it. Very unique book. I'm not a soldier. I don't have any real life experience w/ creating a defense for a location. Not that I didn't want to; just didn't know where to start. The book was a great introduction to creating a location-specific defense against post-collapse 'bad guys'.

    Buy this book! Maybe buy a copy to share w/ neighbors too.

  5. Enola I bought this book and read it. I think it has some great points, especially for those of us who have not had any military training. But I must have missed something, because when I tried to do the evaluation I could not find the values associated with answers so I couldn't actually assign a numerical value to the site and group evaluations. Yes, I saw the page in the back of the book, but I couldn't see where it actually assigned particular numbers to each answer. What am I missing? I'd appreciate any input as I really would like to evaluate my situation. Thanks.

  6. Hello all, I am Joe Nobody, the author of the work in question above.
    I want to start off by thanking all of you for the kind words. It gives me a great feeling inside knowing my efforts are helping people think through their preparations.

    That being said, specifically to Miss Violet, I respond with the following:

    Dirt is almost as effective in stopping bullets as sand. If the structure of the flower box is reasonably thick wood or metal, it would be additional insurance. Given that none of us know the S is really going to hit the fan, I would error on the side of enjoyable flowers versus concern about a few inches of dirt and bullet stops.

    Secondly, you should download the spreadsheet from either webpage listed in the front of the book. It really helps.

    If you follow the instructions for each rating, you should come up with a value to enter into the spreadsheet for that specific topic.

    When you are finished, you should have a high level picture of your defensive needs versus your current capabilities.

    If you still are having trouble, please email our support staff at:

    They will do their best to help you through it.

    Kind regards and my prayers to all....Joe