Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Life in Pictures

A battle is about to ensue
Maid Elizabeth tightening the solar panel supports
Miss Calamity stacking firewood
Sir Knight and Master Calvin pushing around the first snow of the season
Somehow, I think they are having fun!
Miss Calamity giving Princess Dragon Snack an Ooh La La Spa
Looking every inch the Princess
Miss Calamity's newest sewing project - a hot water bottle cover!
Isn't it pretty?
Master Calvin filling the wood box
Maid Elizabeth rolling out a pie crust
Ready to receive filling
Baking our Thanksgiving pies
Walnut Maple Pie, Pear Pie and rolls, all being
cooked in the wood cookstove at the same time!
A fresh, hot Walnut Maple Pie
See what you're missing Jason?

Our kitchen cupboard originally came out of restaurant built in the early 1900's.  We started to sand it, but had to get it into the house before the snow flew.  It ended up in our kitchen with chippy paint and lots of character.  I love it the way that it is, but, the bead board that was behind the faucet was terrible.  It was filthy and swollen with water and it wouldn't scrub clean.  I would sit and drink tea and devise different plans to put a new back splash on it.  No matter what I thought of, there was something to make it untenable.  And then, out of desperation for a cleanable back splash, I hit on an idea - galvanized sheeting.  It took a little doing - and the job is less than professional, but, I now have a scrubable back splash!  Master Hand Grenade snipped the tin, Maid Elizabeth held it in place while I used the skill saw to cut it.  As I said, it is less than a professional job, but it will do.


  1. Thank you for sharing your photos. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, from me and my family.

  2. Real homecooked food!


    Im having Pizzahut Pizza this thanksgiving. I dont cook, and my refrigerator is packed with MRE's. I have cases of ramen noodles, millions of cans of everything else. I wish someone would make canned or MRE pizza's with a 30 year lifespan. I would be set for life.

    I will sit on the sofa and watch the first part of "The Empire Strikes Back" eating pizza. I think the old Darth Vader is just so cool in the old star wars movies.

    No snow to move here in South Texas. It was 77 degrees yesterday.

  3. I love the character of your kitchen cupboards. The pies and bread phot looks as if it belongs in a magazine!

    Thanksgiving blessings to all of you!

  4. I LOVE those cabinets! I like the area you are using to cool your baked goods as well- is that an old desk?

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Enola! The pies look yummy!

    Xa Lynn

  6. You have a wonderful home full of character and love. I am an Army brat and we lived in quarters my whole life. Your home reminds me of my grandparents homes, full of love and character, one of a kind everything because it was homemade with love. Our home was spartan and sterile because the government owned it and we took great care not to impart any of our own character on to it and frequent moves with weight restrictions limited what we owned. I loved what my father did, but oh how I flew out of the car and into my grandparents arms after the long drive for Thanksgiving. The smells, the comfortable knowledge that everything was going to be the same, the good food, the old comfy furniture, the wood stove, the pretty old scuffed linoleum, the houseplants, the outhouse, the warm soft laps of people I loved, the barn full of animals (where I got the only cat I had as a child), the chickens and the fresh eggs. How I loved to go to town with grandma where she could get a weeks or two of groceries in one brown bag because everything else was raised or grown at home. Often those store bought items were purchased because we were visiting and they included soda pop, a real treat because the four of us kids split one 16 ounce pop on Saturday night otherwise. Good memories, despite the fact I don't drink soda pop now.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and blessings upon you and your family.

  7. Captaincrunch;
    Can you catch the next flight out of Texas? Dinner is at 2:00p.m.!

    It is an old military table. Sir Knight used it for years as his reloading table until I finally inherited it for my kitchen. It is solid, old growth oak with metal legs. I love it! It is the perfect kitchen island. It even has one handy drawer for this and that! And it is not too precious to drill holes into for mounting my grain grinder and pasta maker.

    I loved the story of your grandparents. Thank you for seeing some of them in us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  8. Happy Thanksgiving. Bless you, your family and the little online community you have here.


  9. I see a house full of love, and a house filled with character . Thank you for sharing those pics!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. Enola,
    what a brilliant idea for a backsplash!
    I am going to use your idea! I too have been pondering for months, in stagnation mode, because I just couldn't afford to cover all the walls of the whole milkroom with concrete board, much less try to lift and hang those heavy sheets myself. I wanted something really durable, that wouldn't budge if a cow kicked them, and walls that I can pressure hose down when it gets dirty, for time savings, convenience and sanitation.

    Your backsplash picture, just solved my dilemma!

    Thank you for sharing all the charm and love of your thanksgiving bounty with us.

    Please give hugs to all, and wish them each a Blessed and Happy thanksgiving from me.


  11. Enola,

    Sorry I could not make dinner:(

    Hyperdrives broke again on the Mellenium Falcon, but alas, I will have pizza for breakfast:)

    Yippee!, I love pizza for breakfast (I really do, warmed in the Microwave) I dont eat pizza all that often so Its a real treat.

  12. Captaincrunch;
    It's not my fault, it's not my fault...They said they fixed it!

  13. How about parting with the recipe for that walnut maple pie?

  14. yes, i would love to have the recipe for your walnut maple pie. it looks devine! and i bet it tastes a little like heaven. your home has lots of character and your children look happy in work and play. aint life grand!

  15. Enola,

    I remember that scene when Han Solo's hyperdrive "missfired" and he kept saying "its not my fault, its not my fault" all the while the entire Empire fleet is shooting at him right before he goes into the asteriod field.

    That comment you left for me Enola just made me laugh and made my morning.

    gotta go heat up the pizza now.

  16. Some of the coolest places are what I call Engineered Materials-built with stuff you find,or can get cheap.I wouldn't finish that cabinet-looks good as is. Check you local hospital if you want lots of free stainless steel-some friends of mine have stainless steel wall in their kitchen,they built from an old sterilizer I salvaged. Sounds like you have a home-one that is to be lived in, not just looked at. Thanksgiving was sunny and in the 50s here..

  17. The castle picture reminded me of Sir Knight.Does he like watching jousting.If so there is a new show on National Geographic channel that he might enjoy.Its called the Knights of Mayham.Its about Charlie Andrews and his efforts to make jousting a mainstream show.Lots of good jousting,no balsom wood.This is the real deal.Just be aware that they use some colorful language,so mabye not for children.

  18. Love the galvanized backsplash above the sink...I just did something similar with galvanized sheeting behind my stove! I love it.