Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some things you can't prepare for....

As I watch the devastation being wrought in Japan, I am reminded that not all things can be prepared for.  The only thing I can truly prepare for is my meeting with my creator.  I am on my face praying for the people of Japan, not for their homes or their roads or their lands, but for their very souls.

"Jesus wept".
               John 11:35 NIV


  1. Most locations near shorelines are at an elevated risk of destruction. Of course areas prone to earthquakes add an extra element of danger.

    You almost need a second backup house. And that is more than most people can swing.

  2. I was reminded of the same thing. It is good for us to plan and prepare, to be sure, but our ultimate hope and survivial is in our Lord.

  3. As I watched the videos of the eartquake and the tsunami, I was struck with the same thought of, "how could you ever be prepared for this?" I used to live in a frequesnt earthquake zone, and experienced a few really scary ones, but nothing was like what I saw on the videos of Japan. It would have been bad enough without the Tsunami, but wow! My heart really goes out to them. They must feel so afraid right now.

  4. I live 250 miles south of where the tsunami hit, and I will say, for me it was terrifying! I'm from good ol' Georgia, and didn't grow up with much except tornadoes. When I married a Navy man, I learned very quickly how to deal with hurricanes. With tornadoes and hurricanes, you can prepare, and "get away" if you need to... not so with an earthquake.
    I am safe, my family is safe, and for that, I thank my Creator!

  5. I cry and pray for the ten-thousands of souls.
    I pray that God be merciful to the millions left behind of this ongoing tragedy for it is just unfolding and far from over.


  6. It is just so very very sad.... I can't help but think of the terror of those who died in this. May God bless the wonderful people of Japan.

  7. Pray, prepare, and pray some more. The world is in deep trouble, and the Triple Tribulation (earthquake, tsunami, radiation) in Japan is going to ripple around the world. I pray for all of us.

    NoCal Gal

  8. I am there with you dear sister....
    Each disaster that comes is a reminder that
    the God that created all things is still there
    waiting for His creation: people, to turn their
    hearts to Him...Prayer is powerful...

  9. i pray for those caught up in the earthquake and sunami in japan...and their problems are not over yet...looks like they are fixing to have nuclear fallout as well. what i find remarkable is how civilized everyone the horrible mess they are experiencing, there is not any panic/rioting/stealing going on. they are helping each other and doing the best they can given their circumstances and still being civilised and honorable. God bless them!