Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't forget the Cow Cream!

O.K., so it is not really called Cow Cream, but that is what we call "Udderly Smooth" lotion in our house.  We use it for everything, all the time!

When we get busy stocking up on food or comm gear or any other number of preparedness necessities, we often forget the little things that make a HUGE difference.  Two of the things we use with unending regularity are "Cow Cream" and "Bag Balm".  (Hey, I think I am seeing a pattern here!)  The lotion, we use for dry hands and feet and anywhere else that could use a little relief.  We would be lost without it.  Bag Balm is our antibiotic salve of choice.  We use it to sooth baby bottoms, slather on areas beset with heat rash and treat any cut or scrape.  It is a wonder drug!  Oh, and we do use it on the cow's udder as well.

Remembering to have these little necessities on hand will provide great comfort in difficult times.


  1. bag balm...the best stuff ever! we always keep it in supply with the medicinals. and the udder cream is good too without the greasies. one thing about bag balm that i discovered about fifty years ago...it is great for wounds that might leave a scar...fortuneatly for me, when as a ten yr old i fell through a storm window (the old fashioned kind) and got cut up pretty bad...after the hospital for stitches my dad insisted that each wound be coated daily with bag balm and clean dressings..the memory of that accident stayed with me but the scars are barely noticeable.

  2. Never used either Bag Balm or Udderly Smooth. I was given a small container of Bag Balm by a friend several years ago because it comes in a tin and I collect tins. Still have it, might take a look now to see if it is still viable. Definitely going to try both of these products.

    For really rough and dry hands, especially in the winter, I use Cornhusker's Lotion. Works well, I have the smoothest hands in the house. ;)

    NoCal Gal

  3. Bag balm was something that my grandma always put on us when we would hurt ourselves. I was very happy to find it as an adult and have used it for lots of things!!!

    My husband suffers from exema and uses the udderly smooth lotion to help his hands.

    Both of these products are must haves in our home!!!

  4. You can buy Bag Balm in 2.5# buckets at vet supply companies and some feed stores. That is what I do. Then I refill my 10oz tins from those. Saves $. I will have to try Udderly Smooth. I have seen it but never used it.

  5. Yep, Bag Balm is a staple in our barn for use on udders and on wounds, workshop and garden for the toughest of hands and I keep a tin in the outdoor canning room and a small tin in the outhouse in the back 40. It's great stuff for summer and winter use
    on chapped and scalded skin, a light coat on my face and lips on winter hunts, diaper rash, especially cracked heels and feet too.

    I have even applied it to O rings and rubber washers in the milk room when I ran out of silicone grease. I once used it to wipe a pistol down in the field after I accidentally dunked it in a water trough. I field stripped it, dried it, and used what I had on me to reassemble...Bag balm.