Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Being led by women....

I read with great interest, the fact that President Obama chose to bomb Libya at the behest of his female advisors, rather than his own conviction.  He is not the first Barak in history to hide behind the skirts of a woman going into war.  In fact, the only female Judge Israel ever knew was forced into war because the military leader of the day, Barak, son of Abinoam, would not lead his army at God's direction.  Barak said to Deborah, "If you go with me I will go; but if you don't go with me, I won't go."  (Judges 4:8).

Do you suppose that it will be a woman that will drive a tent peg in the temple of our enemy?

Just thinking....


  1. Didn't Bill Clinton use women as his scapegoats? He put the full reponsibility for the Waco mess on Janet Reno, although Clinton surely was advised before the tank was brought to the compound. He put the blame for his infidelities on the women he philandered with (or attempted to philander with). And he pointed the finger at Donna Shalala during the Countrywide Financial debacle. Maybe Clinton wasn't the misogenist people claimed he was, perhaps, instead, he used women in every way imaginable to his own advantage. Perhaps "pimp" would be a more appropriate word for him?

    Similarly, perhaps Obama is setting up Hillary Clinton for the responsibility if Libya goes awry. Afterall, she would be his only competition in 2012 for the Democrat nomination if the public finally wises up to his true agenda. He never did like her and only chose her as the Secretary of State because of her connections. Did I say "connections?" More like strings

    If Libya goes well, Obama takes the credit. If it goes badly, Hillary Clinton gets the blame.

    There are strong female figures throughout history - many of whom are eventually abandoned by the men who used them.

    NoCal Gal

  2. A befitting poem by Jerry di Santi

    Women-the Salt of the Earth
    by Jerry ...September 1999

    (Written in tribute to all the good women in my life)

    Women are, the salt of the earth.

    Too bad that some, don't know their self worth.

    They give so much, more than any other.

    Especially those, who are wife or a mother.

    I really marvel, on how much they endure.

    Selflessly giving, their love that's so pure.

    Teachers of standards, for behavior and such,

    Rearing ladies and gentlemen, that we all like so much.

    They demonstrate control, and also restraint,

    So our children can learn, to live without taint.

    It sure would be nice, if their menfolk would say,

    How much they love them, at least once a day.

    And women with men, must enforce all the rules,

    So men will respect them, and not act like fools.

    'Cause they know it is clear , that if women are led,

    They will soon be used, and dishonor their bed.

    And with all this burden, they must endure the critique,

    Of party girls and such, with stature so weak.

    These so called "friends", who would call you and say,

    That you're working too hard, and without any pay!

    Send them away! - Sad people without pride,

    For without revelry, they cannot abide!

    And remember dear women, to always stand tall,

    Because without you, there's no hope at all.

    You are the spirit of life, since the day of your birth,

    You are God's sweet angels, The salt of the earth!


  3. Very nice poem, notutopia.

  4. Oh wow! I'd completely forgotten about that other "Barak."

    Interesting connection. You always provoke thought.


    (PS--Did you get my email?)