Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Miss Serenity.....

 Today, Miss Serenity turns 22.  Her life has been a blessing and an adventure.  She is all go, no stop.  She expects everything out of herself, yet loves and accepts her people with an unmatched fierceness.  She is strength and she is vulnerability all wrapped up together.  

Serenity has a remarkable, seemingly incongruent, combination of personality traits.  She is strong and tough - doing jobs that many men would struggle with, yet melts with one glance at a newborn baby.  Children flock to her like she's the Pied Piper while grown men are intimidated by her very nature.  She can (and does) do anything that God puts in front of her to do, but willingly and respectfully relinquishes those jobs should a more capable or experienced person step in to relieve her.  She is careful to listen and slow to take command, but always is the first to volunteer for the jobs that nobody else wants to do.  She works hard and plays hard and is loyal to a fault.

Serenity is a great favorite among her siblings.  What's her's is theirs, including not only her things but also her time.  She's the fun and adventurous one, always up for a road trip or a hike or a swim in the creek.  She brings life to whatever room she walks into.

For all her outward frivolity, Serenity wades into the deep end of the waters of life.  She searches for truth and thinks deeply about her purpose and about how God can and will use her.  She thinks about how her actions will affect those around her and how they will affect her future.  She poses intelligent questions and then spends time engaged in rousing discussions, first forming conclusions and then acting according to the dictate of these conclusions.  Serenity is true, both in thought and in action.

Sir Knight and I have been blessed and honored to be Serenity's parents.  We praise God for the great gift He gave us in her......


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm delighted to see you posting again. The family update is wonderful!

  2. What a lovely tribute to your daughter! She sounds like an amazing woman!

  3. I still remember your post on her birthday when received her new name, Miss Serenity, a change from Miss Calamity.
    You were very wise in that choice. Thank you for the update on your remarkable daughter.

  4. I had not looked at your site for a long time. It had been so long since an update I had given up (in sorrow) because your posts were always so good! I was on Rural Revolution and thought that I had not tried linking through her site to yours. I did and low and behold you were posting again! Thank you.

  5. I'm an Air Force veteran wondering what she did to earn Technical Sergeant stripes.

    1. Serenity works for the National Guard (in a civilian capacity) with a rank of Tsgt. She is employed through the Military Division in our state. If you would like to know more, feel free to email me and I'll tell you a little about what she does!!

  6. I am so amazed at your parenting skills and the lovely person Miss Serenity is! Sadly, my 19yo son is almost an exact opposite, which makes me very, very sad.