Sunday, February 28, 2021

Snow. Snow. And more Snow!!!!


It is nearly March and we are buried under 7 feet of snow!  And it just keeps snowing!  

This year we got a late start for snow.  November we had a skiff, but nothing to write home about.  December brought us a white Christmas, but we only had about a foot of snow, with bare ground under the trees.  January had us almost believing that we were going to skip a real winter this year.  I actually had a table and chairs set up under some trees so we could enjoy the unseasonably dry and warmish weather.  And then February hit!  

For the last three to four weeks we've had storm after storm after storm roll in.  It hasn't been uncommon for us to accumulate a foot and a half of snow overnight and another foot to a foot and a half the next day! Sir Knight and I have been delivering packages to our few neighbors because the roads have been too treacherous for the Fedex and UPS drivers to maneuver.  In fact, we've delivered so many packages that our UPS driver gave the kids UPS hats, making them official!

Dragon Snack in her UPS swag!!

We live roughly 14 miles outside of town.  Our road is a "main" gravel road and is maintained by the county, however, with only 5 families living this far out, we are at the bottom of the road to-do list.  One day last week, both Sir Knight and I made it home only by prayer.....neither one of us have EVER driven on a road that bad!!  Talk about faith building!!  Thankfully, the county had gotten them plowed by the next morning so that we were able to make it in to the butcher shop.  Even in the summer our road can be a nightmare.  We've lovingly named it "the AlCan of the lower 48".  Our's is a road where nice cars come to die.

Our forecast seems to indicate a warming, dryer trend....perhaps meaning no more snow in the immediate future!  Now, we'll wait and see how the spring thaw treats much snow to melt, with the creeks already full to overflowing.....hopefully our bridge will be able to withstand the rushing torrent!! in the mountains!!


  1. So glad to see you back to blogging! All I can say about the snow is WOW!

  2. I'm glad you're back ma'am, I missed you

  3. Ah, so that’s where our winter went! : )
    On another note, I’m enjoying your posts, you have been missed.
    TS in the Benewah