Monday, May 16, 2016

Highland Hunt & Trap Shoot

This past weekend, we enjoyed our Second Annual Tea & Trap Shoot.  The day dawned beautifully, slightly overcast with a gentle breeze.  Our tent was ready, having erected it early in the week, and all of the details had been carefully arranged.  Onion gravy was bubbling on the stove while potatoes boiled in a stock pot.  I had made scones, roasted bangers (sausages) and whipped up Devonshire cream.  I had just finished heating the teapot when guests began to arrive.

Friends and family came from miles away, wearing their best tartans and tweeds and bearing their favorite shotguns.  Men in kilts drank tea to the music of shotgun blasts and exploding clays.  There was fellowship, friendship and kindred unity in abundance.  It was the best of all things - prayer and tea, food and music, shooting and conversation.  It was a day of memories.

Wash tubs to soak the used dishes

The lounge

Looking out of the tent

Setting up the tea/dessert table

Master Calvin calls this my "GrandmaPhone"

Just waiting on the scones

Chafing dishes with the main entrees

Early yellow roses

Just awaiting guests

Maid Elizabeth preparing the chafing dishes amongst the mess in the kitchen

Sir Knight - posing with attitude

Ready for action!

The girls


Talking strategy

Miss Serenity playing with her grandfather

Master Hand Grenade

Nothing but clay!

My dad - the winner of the shoot!

Miss Serenity and Sir Knight

The view from the front of the tent

Sir Knight at his station

Talking gear

Look at all those shotguns!

Maid Elizabeth, absorbing the recoil

Sisters - Maid Elizabeth and Miss Serenity, surrounded by friends and family

The aftermath


  1. That looks like you all had a blast! I do see from the photos that the drought seems to be over or at least minimal in your area. Thanks for the msg and be aware that Survival Blog has sent a link to the cooking blue msg today.

  2. what an excellent event---would be an honor to attend...Shadowfaxhound

  3. I love it! Thank you for sharing.
    Montana Guy

  4. And a good time was obviously had by all! How wonderful to have family and friends to share these times with.

  5. I like it that men could wear a kilt and still look and conduct themselves like men.

  6. If only we had neighbors like you. That would be a treat.

  7. Maid Elizabeth is SMOKIN!is she seeing anyone?

    1. Yes, she is....and no, she isn't!

    2. How old is the lass?

    3. The lass asks that you email us directly - our email is:


  8. As usual, I am so inspired by your sense of grace and style and timeless values. As our sons and their wives/girlfriends spend more and more time at our place in the Hill country of Texas I aspire to infuse all our time together with a similar sense of family, style and the transmission of godly, family values.

  9. The "Grandmaphone" looks like a speaker from a 1920s radio. Is it? If so, it looks to be in very good condition. A modern reproduction? Just wondered.

    1. Actually, it is a modern day reproduction - but a very nice one! It was made by Restoration Hardware especially for ipods and iphones. They also make a model for ipads. It requires no batteries and has a lovely sound. It does sound better with classical music or Celtic, piano or other instrumentals. It's truly lovely.


  10. What fun! Refinement, good food, AND guns! Something for everyone!
    Can I be your neighbor? ;)

  11. I LOVE this! Looks like the perfect afternoon!

  12. Where did Sir Knight and the others get their kilts?

  13. Would you be willing to share your scone recipe?

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