Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Full Table and Dublin Coddle

There are times that I am quite certain these are our "Happy Golden Years".  We have a home bursting with life - young adults, teenagers and littles, all sharing our table and filling our lives to overflowing.  We truly are blessed beyond measure.

Every evening, we gather around the dinner table and share the adventures of the day.  We laugh and talk, share stories and plans.  Every member of our family looks forward to this time of sustenance and fellowship, and I do my best to accommodate with hearty, savory, homemade meals.

Recently, Maid Elizabeth found  a recipe for Dublin Coddle.  This homey, filling, tasty meal combines flavors that we love with ease of preparation - what could be better?  I'm sure it could be cooked in a crock pot, however, I love to put it in the wood cook stove in the afternoon for a hearty evening meal.  Served with vegetables and homemade bread, it is a meal not quickly forgotten!

Dublin Coddle

1 pound pork sausage (bulk or cased)
1 pound bacon, cut into 1 inch pieces
1 large onion, diced
3 pounds potatoes, cut into medium or large chunks
Salt and pepper to taste
2 C beef broth

Heat oven to 300 degrees. 

In a large Dutch oven (or other oven proof pot with lid) brown the sausage and bacon until the sausage is browned and the bacon is crispy.  Drain briefly on paper towels, removing most of the grease out of the pan.  If using cased sausage, cut into chunks.

Layer the ingredients in the pot used to brown the sausage and bacon in the following order; 1/2 of the diced onion, 1/2 of the sausage and bacon, 1/2 of the potatoes.  Season generously with salt and pepper.  Layer (in the same order) the remaining ingredients.  Season with salt and pepper.

Pour the beef broth over the top and bring to a boil on the stove-top.  Remove from the heat and cover the pot.  Put the covered pot into the oven (or wood cook stove) and cook for three hours (or up to five hours).

About half-way through cooking, check the pot and add more water if necessary.  There should be about an inch of liquid in the bottom at all times.

Stir (to coat everything in the savory liquid) and serve.

Browning the sausage and bacon

Just right

Drained sausage and bacon, onions and potatoes

Layer of onions (in pot used to brown meat)

Layer of sausage and bacon

And the potatoes (with seasoning)

Dublin Coddle


I have made this according to directions and cooked the Coddle for hours.  I have also cut the potatoes in small chunks and baked it for only 40 minutes, just until the potatoes are tender.  Both were are delicious - just cook  according to your time constraints.

I hope you too, will enjoy a full table and a good Dublin Coddle.


  1. Oh, my! This looks and sounds fabulous! I am going to make this soon and serve with slow cooked green beans and cold applesauce both the fruit of our hands and the blessing of our Lord.

  2. Yum! We made this in the crockpot and used chicken instead of sausage. Our family enjoyed this.

  3. Hi! This sounds and looks super! What temperature do you bake it at for hours? 350?
    Thank you very much!

  4. This looks awesomely delish!

    One modification I would make when preparing it is...
    I would remove the sausage and bacon but leave the drippings.
    Then saute 1/2 the onions in that on high heat.
    Once they've been sweated a bit, add 1/2 the beef broth to deglaze the pot and get all the fond and brown bits loose with a wooden spoon.
    Then layer as per the recipe.
    That will add a ton of flavor.

    Heck, I'll try it both ways!

    Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Yikes! My mouth was already watering when I read Enola's post. Now I definitely have to make this dish. Thanks for the recipe and tips.

      God Bless,
      Janet in MA

  5. Very close to what I call hash. Well, kind of. lol

  6. That sounds and looks wonderful. We'll be trying the recipe.

    Our times with a full table of children and grandchildren are rare now and happen only on special occasions. Do cherish these times because they will be missed. The stories come via phone or facebook, but we do miss the laughter, chatter, and hugs. It's just not the same without the noise, the chaos, the mess, and love up close and personal.

    We do regularly host our weekly church 'small group' where we share a carry-in meal with 6 couples (if everyone is there), a time of Bible study and a time of prayer. The evening runs about 2 1/2 hours and that has become our most regular time of sharing stories, plans, and news of the important things in our lives. Lots of laughter, less noise, less chaos, less mess, but still lots of love.

  7. We made this last night to much discussion from everyone. Like you, our farm and family are very much together, and enjoy this Irish "leftover" dish.

    Thanks again!

  8. My mouth is watering just reading your instructions for cooking this dish. Going to try it as soon as the weather cools down some.

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  10. That meal looks amazing! I had not looked at your blog for several weeks and it was so wonderful to sit with my own cup of tea and spend 1/2 hour catching up with your goings on. Wonderful posts. Even though I live in suburban Connecticut and my life is very different, I love your blog and hearing about your life. Congrats on 15 years of Off Grid living! That is indeed an accomplishment, as is the even bigger accomplishment of your beautiful and connected family.

  11. I hope and pray that you are all well and that you weathered the storm without damage.

  12. Hoping the best for you and yours on this night of thanksgiving. Thank you for all you have shared with myself and others, your time, your thoughts, your visions of a life well lived. God Bless. M

  13. Your timing is perfect, I have been trying to recreate my Grandmothers Coddle and it just wasn't quite right. This looks exactly like it so it is on my to cook list!