Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Women - Weapons of Mass Destruction

Tolerance - that's the word of the moment, right?  In our enlightened, modern America, we are strongly "encouraged" to tolerate other cultures, religions and customs  We are being re-educated about our past, our future and our place in the world.  We are finally recognizing that our path to international acceptance is rooted, not in the foundations of our nations past, but rather in our wholesale inclusion into the world collective.

 Our quest to be civilized, inclusive, and tolerant comes with a price - but is it a price we're willing to pay?

As most of you know, I am just about the opposite of a feminist.  I believe that caring for my husband and my children is paramount.  I willingly left the professional workforce to dedicate my time to washing laundry, changing diapers and making bread.  And I LOVE my job!  I feel more fulfilled pouring myself into my family than I ever did writing briefs for attorneys.  I know that my current job is eternal and my previous job was nothing but busy work.  I am exactly who I was meant to be.  But I don't think I am inferior to men.  My husband is not my better, he is my husband.  He has one role in the family and I have another.  Not an inferior role, a different role.  And our roles compliment each other, they don't compete with each other.  We are one.  His strengths meld with my strengths and together, we are unstoppable.  Our new civilized, inclusive, tolerant world doesn't hold my beliefs.  They believe that women are second class citizen, chattel, or even worse, weapons of mass destruction.

Our acceptance of other cultures and religions has brought us to a precipice.  If we continue in our current vein of tolerance, women will once again become property - nothing more.  The most amazing aspect of this phenomenon is that the very people waving the Tolerance flag are women!  Really!  The people telling us that we must be tolerant, that we need to embrace other cultures and customs, that actively push a liberal social agenda, are militant feminists.  Who needs men to subjugate women when women, through their blind ignorance or misguided intentions, relegate their own to abject lives of poverty, dependence and abuse.

As our schools teach our children about Islam and mosques are erected in cities and towns across our country, think on this,"....women who are not covered like a "sack of flour" are weapons of mass destruction...and that the country [Pakistan] has an abundance of such "missiles" in all it's major cities....".

Our country is hell-bent for destruction.  We are welcoming genocide with open arms - and "tolerant", "civilized", "enlightened" intellectuals are leading the charge.


  1. The world says tolerate, the Word says be holy. Very good piece.

  2. Tolerate! Accept! How about immigrants tolerate and accept our customs and norms if they want to be citizens. Either leave your home country behind and become American or go home.
    I don't believe people should be allowed tocover their face or wear a mask. The sign on my bank says I have to take off my sunglasses to enter why should anyone be allowed to wear a mask or other disguise relgion or not?

  3. “Our country may be hell-bent on destruction.” Or maybe it is already destroyed.

    New Year’s Eve 2011 will go down in history. I honestly believe America died that evening. Obama quietly signed the NDAA, effectively nullifying our Bill of Rights. It (coupled with Bush’s Patriot Act of 2001) was the final deathblow to our Founders’ Republic.

    We are now witnessing the Fall of America. Like the Fall of Rome, our borders are being overrun by barbarians. Our treasures and culture are being plundered. Our military is waging continuous wars in foreign lands. And like Rome, our citizenry is not paying attention to the government; the destruction of all manufacturing, the debasement of our currency, the dismantling of our nuclear defenses, etc. Americans are preoccupied with ‘bread and circuses’ (gadgets, sports, fads, dysfunctional celebrities, homo this bisexual that LBGT in your face, excessive spending on ‘toys’ and junk, deviant and immoral behaviors).

    But there is HOPE! Whether your children will be free or slaves may to a large degree depend on where you are and who are you with. Many families that fled Nazi cities survived persecution by domestic enemies and invasion by foreign enemies. And PARENTS, do whatever is necessary to homeschool your children. Heed the words of Adolph Hitler, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

    God has a history of doing great work with His ‘remnants’. With His blessings, liberty will arise from the ashes of America.

    Montana Guy

  4. Enola, another great post. The modern call for "Tolerance" has never been about allowing viewpoints other than one's own to be considered legitimate. It has never been bi-directional. It has ALWAYS been a one-sided lie using social guilt and a perverted manipulation of the American ideal of the "Melting pot" to chipping away at the Christian foundation of our country. There has never been a hint from any of those who howl "tolerance" that THEY, in turn, tolerate Christian worldviews, ethics, and doctrines.

    I fear for my daughters and granddaughters that woman around the world will be forced to, or choose to, abandon the high calling and freedom for which God created them in an attempt to "not offend" others. And those who confuse "tolerance" with the freedom that comes with knowing the truth will ride that mantra right into a burka.

  5. Daaayyaamm straight! Right On! Preach it girl!

  6. To anonymous on the second reply! Right On bud!