Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

A wonderful thing happened this week - Miss Serenity turned sweet sixteen!  Not only did we get to celebrate our wonderful daughter, we were also blessed to be able to celebrate my dad's birthday, with whom Serenity shares her special day.  He has always told her that he received the best birthday present ever when she was born!

Opening a birthday gift - a new tool kit!

Giving it a once-over with her dad and her grandpa

What every girl wants!
Serenity has grown into a beautiful young woman, whom we are proud to call our daughter.  Here are a few of her highlights from the last year....

Doctoring animals

On her hard-earned motorcycle

This year's buck

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen!


  1. Enola,

    I just wanted to wish Miss Serenity a Very Happy Birthday, and Best Wishes!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday To Your Grandpa!

  2. Happy birthday to Miss Serenity! She is very pretty, brave, and accomplished. I'm glad she has a father and grandfather who want to teach her about working with tools. Happy birthday to your father, too, and congratulations to him on being blessed with a granddaughter who is interested in learning to use those tools.

  3. Wonderful birthday wishes for both of your special people!

  4. Happy birthday to lovely Miss Serenity and her Grandfather!
    I have enjoyed watching you grow up through the pictures your mother has shared and you are indeed a joy to your family and to your internet family. Enjoy your toolset, it took me almost 54 years to get one like it!

  5. AWESOME!!! I chuckled at the toolkit and showed the pictures to my wife. I told he that is what women get for presents in Idaho (where we live also). My wife looked at me sideways. I told her she could fix the snowplow or chainsaw if it breaks. Man I am in trouble now.

  6. Hi Enola,
    Thank you for your nice sharing. I think you enjoyed those moment most. But its better to describe more things about the beautiful images. But this is a good post.