Monday, March 30, 2015

Introducing - The Tibetan Mastiff

As you may remember we lost our Tibetan Mastiff, Reaper, last summer, to a tragic farm accident.  We were bereft.  After our experience with Reaper, we just knew that nothing but a Tibetan Mastiff would suit our family, so we kept a tentative eye out for an upcoming litter.  A few months ago, Maid Elizabeth alerted us to a batch of TM puppies that had been born in Alaska, and looked into obtaining one.  Things fell into place and our puppy came home about two weeks ago!

Remembering Reaper:

And now, let me introduce our little TM, Stoic II.

Here, Stoic is about 8 weeks old - he's now almost doubled in size!

Meeting Moggy - Stoic is not impressed!

He has his own set of dog tags!


  1. What kind of farm accident?

  2. Reaper tangled with our honey bees. It was horrific - not something we like to talk about.

  3. I always think they have wise looking, sort of sad faces! Enjoy, happy you were able to find a friend that fits your needs!

  4. Stoic is an absolutely adorable puppy!
    We have large dogs and honey bees as well.
    Thank you for the timely warning.
    I have a warm place in my heart for you and your family.
    You express our like mindedness.
    Grandma Kathy

  5. Wow - I never asked and always assumed it was something with machinery or a vehicle. I would like to set up something for bees, but now wonder. Our neighbors about 3/4 miles away often have hives put on their property for summer - our dam and pastures are nearby so we benefit and we have to watch out for them when out on horseback, but they have never been a real problem. Our dog (Lab) is 9.5 YO and has scared us more doing stupid things around the tractor and getting kicked in the head when harassing the horses and then miscalculating their reach when they kick. (He still has a divit in his skull above an eye and a pupil bigger than the other from that stupidity - his nose bled all night on the kicked side, but it was about 5 years ago and he is still here.)

    May you have a long and wonderful relationship with Stoic. We lost an awesome 18 month old German Shepherd who followed our elderly dog on to a highway. We replaced her with a "runt of the litter" Shepherd who had similar markings. She protected our kids when they were little and "watched" all who entered our property for the next 13.5 years. We would never have welcomed her in to our family had the first one not had the accident. I or my family have owned 7 dogs over the past 47 years. When we lose one we have fond memories of them and they each have a place in my heart, but without that loss I would not have the privilege of "meeting" my next wonderful friend! May Stoic be your next wonderful friend! Natokadn

  6. He is absolutely beautiful! Love the picture with the cat. Looking forward to future pics!

  7. Beautiful puppy....

  8. Enola,

    Stoic is a beautiful puppy! Stoic is just a bundle of hair, and at that playful age.
    Enjoy your new dog, I can't wait to hear more about him and see more pictures.

  9. Thank you for the good news and photos. Hope to hear and see much more of him when you have time.

  10. How does he like "The Bunker" that you constructed for him?

  11. What a cutie! Nice to see your Moggie cat too. We have only cats, but someday I could see having an Alsatian German shepherd again as we did when I was a child. Certain dog breeds click with certain people and it's good that you know what works! --Sami

  12. What a beautiful boy!
    Thank you for sharing what happened as it will be a help to those of us considering bees. I was planning on ways to keep the black bear out (who raided my apple trees last fall and "huffed" at me at dusk when I couldn't see him/her, from across the small field. I will rethink electric only and put up a tall no climb with electric also at several levels. I guess, or think, or ponder...

  13. What a beautiful pup! We've been blessed with some truly wonderful dogs over the years, currently with a German Shepherd who does a wonderful job at herding the kids and the chickens. Your story of Reaper, however, makes me rethink my plans for bees. I had a Newfie who had the misfortune of moving from the city to the country and getting too curious about some ground wasps and ended up with a Saturday morning trip to the Vet after her face swelled up to basketball-sized!

  14. How do you train your dogs? Do you use the Koehler method? I ask because I assume you do some training and I don't see the "all positive" treat training working real well with this breed of dog. To be honest I have a 7lb Maltese mix (apartment life) that I plan am fitting with a tiny choke chain and training with Bill Koehler's method...just because they are small doesn't mean they aren't still a dog. It's so nice to be able to freely say that here, most people cringe and expect me to treat him like a baby and dress him in little outfits. Which is why folks hate little dogs! Beautiful dog you have though, very majestic but would probably be over the weight limit of my apartment complex:).