Monday, August 25, 2014

Product Review - EZ-POUR Jerry Can Spout

As most of you know, we aren't hooked up to the power grid, choosing instead to make our own electricity.  We have lived "off-grid" for 14 years and have learned a few things along the way.  Part of our electrical contingency plan is a hefty supply of fuel for our generator.  There are days, particularly in the dead of winter, when the solar panels just do not keep up with our meager electrical usage.  Frequently, we need to run the generator to do laundry and pump water.  Knowing our dependence on our generators, we fill and rotate our large stock of gas cans, most of which are the old, military "jerry cans".  We really depend upon our stored fuel, especially when the snow prevents us from making it out of our driveway.  Every week or two I top off our fuel cans so that we always have plenty on hand.

Although we have mostly jerry cans, I have grown to despise them.  Oh, not the cans, mind you, but the spout!  We have tried every spout we could get our hands on and they have all been junk!  They leak like sieves, come flying off at the drop of a hat and, because there is no relief valve, they pour in fits.  Every time I add gas to the generators I end up reeking of gasoline and the generator itself drips with spilled fuel.  I hate the smell, not to mention the waste.  So finally, after dumping gas on myself for the last time, I decided that I would have to find a better spout - either that or come up with a better fuel storage solution!

I spent the better part of an afternoon reading forums, shopping Google and looking in every conceivable internet nook and cranny, searching for a decent pour spout, until, finally, I found something that looked promising.  The EZ-POUR spout is a replacement spout for nearly any fuel or water container.  It comes with gaskets and caps and a replacement cap for the vent.  It looked interesting but it didn't look like it would fit the jerry can.  Then I found a tab that said "Replacement Parts & Adapters" and low and behold, Jerry Can Adapter was on the bottom of the list!  I was so excited!

I ordered the adapter ($5.98) and the EZ-POUR Spout (the regular spout is $10.95 - although I ordered the Hi-Flo spout for $13.95) and waited impatiently for them to arrive.  Shipping was quick and the spout and adapter arrived within 3 days.  I could hardly wait to try it out!  The jerry can adapter is hefty, not at all whimpy and cheap feeling, and it comes with two gaskets - 1 for sealing the can completely (for transport) and another that is designed to allow the original jerry can relief valve to work so that fuel flows freely from the spout.

The jerry can adapter
We screwed the adapter into our can.  It fit snugly and securely - a nice tight fit.  Next, we screwed the EZ-POUR spout onto the adapter (using the extension that is included in the kit).  With the extension, the spout was plenty long enough to tip into the generator without spilling a drop of fuel.  Lifting up the jerry can, fuel started flowing into the generator without spilling!  Not one drop!  It was amazing!  We filled the generator (no leaking!) and came back into the shouse smelling fresh and clean, and not like gas for once!  Revolutionary.

The EZ-POUR spout with extension
For all of you with old jerry cans laying around - this is the spout for you.  I think Sir Knight and I will be ordering a few more (just to have) and will perhaps order a few as Christmas presents for our prepper friends.  These are the real deal, folks. 

By the way, these spouts aren't just for jerry cans.  Apparently, they were designed as a replacement spout for just about any fuel or water can.  Look at the website to determine if the spouts would work for you.  I can't recommend them highly enough.

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  1. I will go look for some of these but as an aside, I found 3 GI style cans in an old hardware store and bought all 3. There was no spout but one of the workers said that the spout thread was 2" NPT and he made me a spout using rigid pipe parts. You may want to pass that info on as that will work, but thanks for the lead on something better!

  2. Where is captain crunch? What happened to him?

  3. My spouts arrived Friday and they work as advertised! What Enola did not mention is they also enclose yellow vents for use on plastic cans. I did not need that on the jerry cans but they may come in handy on the old can I have that the vent has come loose on. Thanks for the tip!!!

  4. ordered 2 for my red plastic jugs to replace the govt forced "safety spouts"....and the added vents are great.!
    Bigfoot in TX

  5. Got mine at Tractor Supply... I'm sold. Thanks for the info :-)