Monday, August 11, 2014

Homestead Happenings

We have been busy with summer on our little slice of the Redoubt.  The garden is growing abysmally, a combination of poor soil, greedy critters and extreme heat, I think.  The bees are doing well and are comfortably housed in their newly built 8 frame supers.  Miss Serenity is enjoying the fruits of her labors in the form of her newly purchased Yamaha YZ250F and Princess Dragon Snack is learning to  ride the little Honda XR100.  Master Hand Grenade, Sir Knight and I did a bit of "remodeling" on our entry-way - very rustic chic I think!

Gluing 8 frame supers

Miss Serenity with her new bike

She saved her money a full year to buy this bike

She is one proud girl!

This sits above her bike in the shed

Princess Dragon Snack with her cool new ride

She is learning to shift and to mechanic!

Our re-done entryway...

Galvanized roofing and barn boards

We don't have a lot of room - but we do try to make the most of what we have!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Enola,

    Our garden is not doing well in NE Indiana, either. In our case it's not enough heat. You hives look great! Bees are on my to do list, but may have to wait 4 or 5 years for retirement. I've been seeing lots of "bee" posts around the homesteading blogs and am getting antsy!

    Love the girls bikes. I got careless on a small street bike as a teenager while dating wife of 32 years some years before we were married. I didn't THAT much damage to myself (there a concussion and some minor bone damage that healed well enough for a tour in the Corps) but I earned myself a lifetime ban on motorcycles. Bummer! Hope your girls have great time. Tell them to be safe!


  2. she saved up the money to buy it herself OUTSTANDING she should be proud so should the parents
    i like the smile she has in the 3rd picture

    livin to ride

  3. YZ's are the way to go! Good call on her part.

  4. When I retired to the country I was going to buy a small dirt bike. My wife said think about it, you have bad balance, poor circulation in your legs and you do not heal well anymore! I thought about it and the first thing I would have done on the way home was drift a corner on our gravel road. I just looked too much like a short track corner. Drifting on gravel is harder than dirt because you go from hard packed almost pavement like areas where the car tires go and the very loose gravel that acts like ball bearings. I had to admit that the days of my youth were gone and did not buy one. Sigh!

  5. I'm not sure if this class of motorcycle is still made, but in the '70s, there was "enduro"-a street legal dirt bike that was sort of a ( probably poor) compromise between dirt and street. That's what I had plans to get, but bought a car instead...

    1. Now they're called 'dual sport' bikes. My husband and I have Suzuki DS's. If I knew they were such fun we would have had them 10 years ago.

  6. Your treasures are growing and maturing into delightful, responsible young men and women. Such a treat to follow their lives and know that your "manual" on child rearing is the Bible with emphasis on the book of Proverbs - God's step-by-step instruction guide! The fruits show....
    G. Grace Tome

  7. Have you extracted any honey yet? It's time for us to do so, hopefully soon.
    Kelly in K'ville, NC