Friday, November 15, 2013

Bishop's Song

Finally!  Joe Nobody's newest Holding Their Own installment is here!  At this point it is available in Kindle format only, however, the print version will follow shortly.

Joe weaves an adventurous yarn full of TEOTWAWKI excitement, carrying the reader on a rollercoaster ride of end of the world thrills.  Sir Knight has been anxiously awaiting Holding Their Own VI: Bishop's Song, since he was laid up with a knee injury and devoured the first 5 books.

If you have a Kindle and have been awaiting Joe's new book, you can click on the link below and satisfy your Bishop and Terri craving.

Happy Reading!


  1. Just last night Montana Gal was speculating that book 6 would be coming out. She is an avid reader and devoured his first 5 books.

    Off topic but we wanted to mention how awesome your Buttermik Cornbread is. Folks who have your book can find the recipe on page 67. Yummy!
    Montana Guy

  2. Enola,


    I sympathize with Sir Knight. I had a shattered right patella (12 pieces) torn meniscus, and cartilage that turned into strawberry Jello. Multiple surgeries, etc. etc.

    On a side note, I may trade my M1A in for a Remington 700 chambered in .338 Lapua so I don't have to chase after what I shoot.

    I can still surf and do other things and just gotta favor my right knee the rest of my life. The arthritis is a real drag but that comes with the territory. I remember though a long time ago when I was an avid beer drinker. I would throw a cold six pack on my knee to reduce the swelling and yank a beer off one at a time. By the time I was done (with all six beers) the swelling went down. My knee felt better and so did I.

  3. Enola,


    Theres an interesting post over at that you guys may want to check out.

    A list of books from the book "Lucifers Hammer" that would be used to rebuild civilization if a giant comet smacked into the planet. I never read "Lucifer's Hammer" but I found the book list very interesting and anyone building a libriary of sorts to store knowledge for future generations may find this interesting also.
    I would of course throw in copies of the Constitution, Bible, History books printed before 1979 (The date before the Department of Education was founded and the socialist/revisionist foothold in education started in America)

    I have put a lot of thought into this over the past years (putting together a libriary) with supplies and stuff but I really don't have anyone to leave it too. I will figure something out somehow.

  4. Not only a good writer, but a gentleman as well.