Saturday, October 6, 2012

Know your Neighbors

Last week, Maid Elizabeth and I had traveled outside our normal AO (area of operation) to do some business in a small town we don't normally frequent.  After we had conducted our business and were heading out of town, I decided to stop at the local Cennex Co-Op on the off chance they stocked 100# propane tanks.  They didn't have any propane tanks, however, a stack of buckets in the middle of the store caught my eye.

This little out-of-the-way store in an out-of-the-way town had a decent supply of preparedness items!  Buckets of Hard White Wheat, Hard Red Wheat and Oats filled an empty space between isles.  They had Morning Moo's milk, Auguson Farms emergency food buckets and Mylar bags.  Gamma Seals, oxygen absorption packets, and even (non-disclosed) pharmaceuticals (for you tropical fish fans - antibiotics to keep you fish tank healthy!) rounded out their "preparedness" section.  What a gold mine of necessities!

So, if you are ever in the out-of-the-way town of St. Maries, Idaho, make sure you find the out-of-the-way Cennex and stock up on a few preparedness items.  It will be worth your time.

Oh, and make sure you tell them Enola sent you!


  1. You are blessed to have access to stores that have these items in stock. In Mich. I have yet to see any store that has preparedness items like this in the store. Not sure how many here even have a clue unless you aren't a "troll".

  2. Enola, It is so silly sounding for you to use terms like after action report and AO. Even though it is fun to learn acronyms, it is not appropriate to use them unless everyone involved is aware of what they mean and is used to using them. It makes you sound like a "wanna be". You are not military and neither are your readers. Please, stop with the P.M.J. (pseudo-military jargon)

    1. Anonymous,


      I am ex-Navy. I use stuff that you may not be familiar with like "going to the head', geedunk, overhead, flying papa flag, gig line, boondockers, ship's brow, quarterdeck, SOS (and I ain't talk'in about ask'in for help niether, think chipped beef with special brown sauce)

      head (bathroom)
      geedunk (candy or candy machines)
      overhead (ships ceiling)
      flying papa flag (get back to ship, pulling out of port)
      gig line (having your button on your shirt line up with the zipper on your fly)
      boondockers (boots)
      ships brow (gangway from peir onto ship)
      Quarterdeck (where the gangway or brow leads to. thats where you salute the OOD or officer of the deck and then salute the Ensign (U.S. Flag) facing aft on the stern of the boat.
      SOS (I mentioned that one already)

      There are a whole bunch more where that came from.

      I like hearing new terms and stuff like "AO" and OPSEC etc.
      What it all boils down to is that I never did any grounpouder stuff. So I gotta learn some new stuff unless I can snag either the U.S.S. Iowa or Wesconin battleships and re-outfit and live on one of them full time as my retreat.

    2. Rather than thinking Enola sounds silly, I think it sounds silly for someone to complain about something so minor, on a blog, that as a poster above said, IS Enola's blog. I wasn't crazy about learning what all the new texting abbreviations mean, LOL, OMG, IMHO, but I figured them out and went on with life. No time for pettiness.

  3. (To the last comment) Ouch. Was that really necessary?

    Anyway, that is great, I have been looking for a local source of powdered milk buckets. Too expensive to ship.


  4. Dear Anon 5:17

    Not meaning to sound rude, but it IS Enola's blog. She can write it in Yiddish if she wishes. No one is forcing us to read it. Although personally, I enjoy reading Enola's blog so much that I would purchase a Yiddish dictionary if needed ;0)

  5. Enola, Auguson Farms bought out Blue Chip. I don't know if they will still ship to individuals or not, but Blue Chip used to have fairly reasonable delivery fees, even for out-in-the-hinterlands areas. My oldest daughter used to order gluten free flours from them.

  6. I know where that is!


  8. I ordered about $60+ today (10/7) of items from them. They currently have free shipping for orders over $50.00 and they add in a package of, well, I forgotwhat it was...!!but it was a free sample of one of their products.
    Their prices, compared to others, are pretty competitive and some are lower.

    The best thing that caught my eye and $$ is that their corn is NON-GMO!
    It looks like great service, high quality and a good company. I certainly will purchase from them again. Thanks, Enola

  9. Wow! Thanks for the tip-off Enola! I'm getting ready to relocated to the St. Maries area this spring (coming up then to find 20-40 acres, then building a cabin in the fall). Will definitely be using Cennex to fill out my existing food stores!