Wednesday, October 3, 2012

After Action Report - Spokane Preparedness Expo

We attended our first Preparedness Expo on Sunday at the Spokane Convention Center.  What an experience!

I was more than a little concerned about doing an Expo in downtown Spokane.  By nature, survivalist types aren't particularly fond of big cities, freeways or underground parking.  Last year the expo was held at the fairgrounds, and I must admit, it seems as though that was a better fit.

Leaving the "shouse" early, we arrived at the Convention Center at about 7:30 and began setting up our booth.  We were very unsure of what to expect (having only done gun shows in the past), but we were thrilled with the booth layout.  They were roomy and very well done.  It took us all of about 45 minutes to set up so we had plenty of time to wander around and peruse the other booths.
Sir Knights first line gear and a pile of Joe Nobody books
Our LIMITED number of JWR books were sold within minutes of opening!
Books, T-shirts & ipad slide shows
The doors opened at 10 a.m. and we were swamped!  All I can say is WOW!  All day our booth was packed, often 4 to 5 people deep.  We met so many wonderful folks - some from hundreds of miles away!
Our friends at Pantry Paratus

1 KW steam powered generator from Montana Steam Power
We really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of the Expo - and look forward to participating in next years event.

Another shot of our booth
The thronging crowds


  1. Enola,


    Hey' looks like you guys had fun!

    wish I could have been there. I would have to show up wearing a stetson cowboy hat, boots (with spurs) and top it all off with a shirt that has pearl snaps (I think I would have leave the Colt and Winchester back in the truck) Something tells me also that the Spokane PD may not take kindly to a armed Texan on horseback in downtown Spokane. (I still have my grandfathers saddle that was made in Amarillo in 1940)

    If I was going to be on horseback, I think I would also carry a Sharps Buffelo rifle chambered in .45-70 with original brass telescope.

    This weekend I had my first trip to Toys are Us to get the twins next door a gift of sorts. After much confusion and bewilderment (which I don't get at gun shows, gun stores, used car lots, junk yards, tractor pulls, mud bogs, rodeos, and other Guy places)
    I found a pair of simple teddy bears. As luck would have it, Mom and Dad were so busy with everything else, they forgot Teddy Bears.
    Well adopted Uncle Capt. crunch came to the rescue. So for the price of one, one hundred round box of Winchester .45 auto, I got two Teddy Bears so the twins won't have to endure having (TBDD) Teddy Bear Deficent Disorder.
    I don't have any kids of my own. I never married, but I know some of you guys may cringe at what I have to say, but I a slight idea of what being a parent is like now and for everyone out there with kids, you guys are rich. You won the lottery and many of you don't evan know it. Treasure what you have for some of us, all we have is nothing.

    1. thanks for the reminder. I do and always have cherished my two children. They also have 2 bachelor uncles they love and respect dearly. I hope you have that kind of relationship with the youngsters in your life. Please mentor them and help them because you have so much to share.

    2. Capt Crunch you are a wise man. A true Texan it sounds like. So was my father, my God bless him and I miss him more than anything. Reading your words remind me of things he use to say. Yes, those of us lucky enough to have children are truly blessed. It took us 15 yrs of marriage to get blessed. God created her special for us. Our daughter is high-functioning autistic. She was born 10 months after my father died. I think God knew I needed her to feel the empty hole. Nothing replaces a child. She asked why she don't have a grandfather sometimes. You may not realize what a blessing you are to those children. Blood does make the best relative also. My daughter's best grandma is a friend of mine. My daughter isn't good enough for my mother. Let those children love you.

    3. I just retread my posting. Sorry about so many grammar and spelling errors. I was crying while writing it. Capt Crunch, you touched my heart.

  2. That is so cool! I can imagine that being so much fun!

  3. Hi, what were you getting for the " Holding their own " books? What type of radio were you sporting on the chest rig? I'd love to attend a show, but they all seem pretty far from north-east Florida...Maybe someday... Thanks, Joe.

  4. I looked into going and combining it with a survey trip of the area, but found out too late to work out the 2,000 mile (one way) trip. Hopefully I can make next year's expo. Is it always this time of year?

  5. I was there, had hoped to visit with you, but, alas your fans were too many to get to you. ;) Another time.

  6. I was getting ready to comment along the lines that I bet it was Enola's smile that was bringing in all the customers. Then I saw Sir Knight's chest rig and decided I didn't want any trouble....LOL

    Looks like you guys did a great job - very professional looking booth. That steam generator looks very cool btw.

    Joe Nobody

  7. Thanks for the report and photos. Heard JJS's brief report on the podcast and looking forward to the detailed report next week (radio free redoubt - I listen every week)

  8. about how many would you say were there?

  9. Enola,


    Hey' I should have mentioned this several months ago, but it did not click in my "old brain" untill this morning.

    A friend of mine, in the town I live in (Insert Opsec) opened a "Prepardness Store" and he is doing quite well. A few days ago he got his FFL (Federal Firearms License) like we dont have enough guns in Texas already Duh! (home invasions dont happen down here very often:)

    Im sure if my friend was in Spokane, he would have set up a booth and done well also. Lots of like minded people in Texas and I have a few converts myself. The parents of the twins I adore (and mention often) are starting to stock up themselves slowly (they dont know it yet, but I got some extra foodstuffs stored for them also just in case) I got a feeling though if things started to collapse, Uncle Capt.crunch would have to make a "emergency run" for daipers and pacifers.(that would be funny, all the Zombies would be going for ammo and canned foodstuffs and Im making a beeline to the baby department (Im already fairly well prepared)

  10. So cool that you are surrounded with so many likeminded people. I would have been like a kid in a candy shop at that expo. When you first described your booth in one of your previous posts I didn't expect to see what was the final product. Your booth looked great!

  11. Oops, I believe I was confusing your post with a post from Patrice Lewis. Your still looked fantastic!

  12. Enola,

    (captaincrunch again)

    yeah' I know, I got too much time on my hands Im "replying" quite a bit:)
    But this good.

    The couple next door that have those wonderful twins have some other friends that have three kids. The Dad has no pistol or rifle (Yeah' a Texan without a gun, that does exist sometimes) The Dad (with no gun) wants me to give him advice on getting a .22 rifle (I reccomened the Ruger 10/22 of course) to get him and his kids started. Then he's interested in maybe getting an AR for himself (after he gets some training of course)
    I told him I'd meet him at the range anytime he wants,etc.

    Adopted Uncle Capt.crunch got some twin time in too last night. The girl started to cry and I gently picked her up and sat on the sofa and talked to her and rocked her. I told her I would get her first AR at age 10 and she was not allowed to date untill age 25. (I think her Dad wont allow her to date untill age 30) That baby just laid there in my arms, completly content, not a care in the world.
    I think if all the crazy people in the middle east and persian gulf would pay more attention to raising their kids and spending more time with them, they would spend less time trying to kill each other (and us) and the world would be a better place.

  13. It was great to meet your family in person. And thanks so much for autographing my copy of Uncommon Disease book! It was absolutely PACKED that day. I wish I would have planned a bit better, left the kids at home, and been able to attend more of the seminars!

  14. I'm hearing that there will be a "section of preppers" at the Idaho Center Fall Home Show this coming weekend. Would love to have the opportunity to meet you and your family! Do you think ya'all could make it down?

  15. Captaincrunch.......I think I love you. ;-) A good woman needs a wonderful man like you.