Friday, April 20, 2012

Book Review - Without Rule of Law

Advanced Skills to Help You Survive

By Joe Nobody

I have a love/hate relationship with Joe Nobody.  Every time we receive a new Joe Nobody book to review, Sir Knight disappears for about 3 days.  He reads, re-reads and then reads the book again.  And then, the ideas start flowing.  At first they seem innocent enough..."Hon, we should put together some gear - 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line.  After reading Joe Nobody's book, I found that I don't have my gear organized properly for survival applications".

Organizing gear - that sounds harmless enough, doesn't it.  But wait, there's more.  First, Sir Knight organized his gear.  He and Master Hand Grenade brought out load bearing vests, plate carriers and assorted molle pouches and took inventory.  They attached pouches, added holsters, adjusted straps and generally geared up.  They tried their new "kit" (what we used to call "tactical gear") on, moved around, drew weapons from the holsters, slung rifles and walked down the driveway (we do live in the country ya' know) and then they disassembled almost everything, reassembled it, moved things around and did it again.  Finally, they were satisfied that their 1st line kit was ready for service.  And then they came after us girls!  (This is the hate part)!

In the past, Sir Knight would read books and comment on their good ideas and then get on with life.  Not so with Joe Nobody's books.  He actually wants to take the information presented and implement it!  

Without Rule of Law concerns itself with scenarios that none of us ever want to encounter.  The author carefully and sensibly walks us through the possibility of having to hide, evade, scavenge and infiltrate in a post-teotwawki reality.  He presents potential real-world situations when you may be required to push the limits of commonly accepted polite behavior and provides step-by-step instructions on how to plan, equip, rehearse and execute an operation.  Without Rule of Law is written for the layman with no prior military or law enforcement experience.  It is easy to read, understand and implement.  This book is full of more common sense than any book I have read in a long time.  Sir Knight and I both highly recommend this latest installment in the Joe Nobody survival library.  If you are serious about survival, this book is a Must Read.

Now for the disclaimer:  This book will make you want to kiss the couch goodbye and get into the field.  In fact, since reading this book, Maid Elizabeth and I have been hiking daily, nearly 3 miles of varied terrain, even in the pouring down rain!  We both have our 1st line kit ready and will be deploying them on our hikes beginning this week.  We will be following with our 2nd and 3rd line gear in the near future as our conditioning improves.  

There are far too many good ideas in Without Rule of Law to cover in this simple review.  We will be covering a number of Joe Nobody's concepts in future posts, as we get geared up and into the field.

"I don't know of a single prepper who has any desire to utilize the content of this book.  Most hope their preparations will carry them through even the darkest of times.  We want to hunt, trap, fish and raise gardens for our survival, not take what doesn't originally belong to us.

Within our means, most of us prepared to a level that we believe will allow for a reasonable quality of life should the SHTF.  Most of us worry that we have overlooked something that may become critical when the stores are no longer open, and there is no rule of law".

Joe Nobody


  1. Madame: I have not read any of J. Nobody's work. Your posts, on the other hand, I read over each week. I trust the 'filter' with which you view the world through. Based only on your recommend, I am going to order a copy of each of Mr. Nobody's work. If they are even 'somewhat' near the common I have found in here.... alls the better for me and mine.

  2. I've been prepping on a tight budget for the last 3 and a half years and almost have a years worth as well as a way to produce some of own food. Now I can concentrate on other aspects of preparedness, like planning a move to one of the redoubt states within the year.

    Oh, the reality of bad things happening soon in this country is scary. I didn't think any of the things that are happening in the world today would happen in my life time. Without rule of law? So, frightening. No wonder most citizen would just not think about it. But, I know I have to think about it if my family is going to survive. Harsh, harsh realities. Thanks for the book recommendation.

    1. Shaolin, you 'get it' and are well focused. I'm in the same book, just a few pages ahead of you. I moved 2,838 miles to the Redoubt last year. Here like-minded Christian Patriots are the norm. For me it was like moving back to America. Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming all looked good to me. I finally chose to northwest Montana because of Pastor Chuck Baldwin and Stewart Rhodes.

      My only advice is two-fold. The Redoubt does have some typical cities teeming with socialist-minded folks. Most are employed by the government or universities. Stay clear of them. Lastly, keep praying and move ASAP.
      Montana Guy

  3. When I read news articles about voter intimidation and NOTHING happens to the perps; when I read stories about people beaten senseless and nothing happens to the perps; when our BP agents are murdered with guns supplied in a bogus operation and nothing happens to those who spawned the plan; when I read about citizens shot in their beds by black suited thugs operating under the protection of the law that broke down the door of the wrong house; when I read about children having their lunch replaced with highly processed poison; when I read about schools vaccinating children for STD's against the parents wishes and BC/abortions being done on juveniles without parental consent or knowledge; when I read about FEMA camps and see pictures of fences designed to keep people in, not out; I KNOW WE ARE ALL READY LIVING WITHOUT THE RULE OF LAW.

    I pray that those who are inclined so, will make moving to the redoubt a priority.


  4. STS,

    Well said.