Saturday, April 23, 2011

Product Review - Powdered Scrambled Eggs

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In our quest to decide how to spend our long term food storage money, we have been trying a lot of different dehydrated foods.  Powdered eggs were kind of a stretch for us because we have heard so many horrible things about them.  We have used "whole eggs" for years in our baked goods, and have never had a complaint, but powdered scrambled eggs?  That would be a real test.

We opened our #10 tin of powdered scrambled eggs and gave it a try.  The directions called for 2 tablespoons of powder to 3 tablespoons of warm water.  We measured enough for 8 eggs, so that everyone could try it and give their honest opinion.

The eggs did not smell like "real" eggs.  They mixed up well (I used an egg beater), but of course had a different consistency than eggs fresh from a chicken.  We put salt and pepper and a few chives in the eggs (just like we use for regular scrambled eggs) and poured the mixture into a pan with melted butter.  They cooked rather quickly and soon began to resemble scrambled eggs.  Minutes later, our eggs were ready for the breakfast plate.

Sir Knight was the first taste tester.  As he always uses Tabasco Sauce on his eggs, he sprinkled a judicious amount on these eggs too.  He cautiously tested the eggs and deemed them "not horrible".  They do not taste like normal eggs, and their texture is different, but they are not bad, just different.  If you are expecting eggs, you will be disappointed, but if you are expecting an egg substitute, these are a fine substitute.

Master Calvin and Princess Dragon Snack ate their eggs with no complaint, although they did not go back for seconds.  Master Hand Grenade put Tabasco on his (which he does not normally do) and Miss Calamity ate all of hers, deeming them "so so".  I thought they were quite passable, although not like real scrambled eggs.

All in all, we would buy the powdered scrambled eggs again.  We would not eat them as plain scrambled eggs, however.  They would be fine in an omelet, a frittata or even breakfast burritos - anything that scrambled eggs were secondary to the meal itself.  They are not a scrambled egg worth taking center stage.

While we would drink and rotate the Morning Moo's milk, the scrambled egg powder is strictly long term storage food.  It is not something we would keep on the shelf to round out our pantry, but we would store it for a worst-case scenario event.

Our family gave the scrambled egg powder a two out of five star rating.

Walmart (in some locations) have begun carrying the Augason Farms survival foods.  Rosaur's carries a good selection and they are available online from Costco and at some Costco warehouses.  Long term food storage is finally becoming mainstream.  Are you worried yet?


  1. I went to the Augason Farms store locator and was disappointed to see that Wal-Mart here in California only carries the AF products in their stores in three cities. I was not, however surprised to see that Idaho carries them in over thirty cities, and of course, Utah topped the list at seventy-four!

    Thank you for these reviews, it's nice to have an idea of what will be successful before I have to cough up the money for shipping.


  2. Guess I'll get a few chickens.

    Thanks for another great review. I rate your reviews at ***** (5 stars).

    NoCal Gal

  3. I found the link to the nutritional information for the scrambled egg mix.

    Looks like it is made of stuff you already have. Whole eggs, nonfat dry milk, vegetable oil. I wonder if they use eggs of a lower quality for this mix.

    Thanks for the review! I will pass on this mix and just store dry whole eggs instead.

  4. Oh thanks for the link to AF's website. I've purchased some thrings through Sam's Club and had them shipped, but had no idea they had this many items!

  5. I'm hoping you will review the powdered butter.

    This is something that intrigues me as it would be great to have a product that does not go rancid with
    long term shelf storage. I have a few containers of canned butter and some oils that I have frozen. This is of course great if you have fuel sources, or the grid to keep the freezer running. If not, and in a long standing disruption of the food supply distribution chain, oils will be best sourced from animal and fish fats.

  6. enola...the powdered eggs is much better used in recipes calling for eggs and is excellent in a baked custard. my mom baked custard this way for many years..and it is so easy to do. eggs, milk, poured into a loaf pan or baking dish, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon and set in a bain marie (roasting pan with hot water) and baked at about 340 degrees for thirty min. or until a knife slips in and out cleanly. let cool then chill in with a little fruit for fancy dessert, or eat plain. oh, and don't forget to add a tsp of vanilla to mixture as well. it is a easy and good dessert for when weather is hot out and you want something light.

  7. the powdered egg is really good to mix up and use to dip your bread into for french toast! amd for making that omelot that ya gotta cut up for fried rice.

  8. I appreciate the reviews as I was lucky enough to come across a walmart here in Washington that was carrying these products and picked up the powdered honey which I probably would not have normally.

  9. I have thought about buying stuff from WalMart or Sams for storage. It creeps me out that they know how much I buy and of what product. Each year when I get my renewal from Sams they have a graph which shows how much I spent on different areas. Hubby told me to start taking money from the ATM and buying from smaller stores. I don't' want people to know I have food stored up. WalMart is notorious for their spying on people.

    Great review though. Thanks for doing the reviews. I appreciate your site!

  10. We use the scrambled egg with some butter powder, and cheeze powder. so 2 tbs egg powder, 1/2 tbs butter, 1/2 tbsp cheeze powder. 3-4 tbsp warm water, scramble away. when we have to travel we seal these up in plastic, mix with the water and microwave in the hotel for a min and a half max for on the go, yep we drop them into breakfast burritos, and hit the road.

  11. Costco is now carrying the Shelf Reliance THRIVE™ one year supply in the one person for 999.99 and the four person. I saw a great site where the CEO of walmart confessed that the poor are to poor to shop at walmart as they are running out of money, the poor not walmart.