Saturday, January 29, 2011

Maid Elizabeth's Mission

Maid Elizabeth found a video showing scenes from the mission school she will be serving with next summer.  It really touched my heart.  Enjoy the view.


  1. Awesome video!! I hope she had a wonderful fullfilling trip!!


  2. Well, that video left me with mixed emotions. However, I have not forgotten my promise to you and will be contacting you after I get my tax return figured out. Think of all the worthy causes we could donate our money to if we didn't have the government in our pockets and purses every moment of every day. But, I digress.

    Does Maid Elizabeth have scrubs? They may not be necessary, but perhaps they would prove useful for her - pockets, freedom of movement, and a touch of professionalism. Dress patterns may be available for them at large fabric stores. But I'm sure they're not a high priority.

    Maid Elizabeth, you're much braver than I am!

    NoCal Gal

  3. Maid Elizabeth,
    I can see you bringing so much comfort and skill to those you meet on your mission. You will bring them the soft touch of Jesus' love and they will teach you even more about Him. Just lean on Him,
    Grace Tome

  4. This really brings it home,doesn't it?! What an awesome mission you will be involved with; I bet you're excited:)Anytime I see a newborn I can't help but smile-such a miracle! Thank you for letting the Lord use you-the world needs more special maidens like you! And thanks for sharing, Enola, it always helps to have a visual in mind!

  5. That was a joy-filled video! What a great profession, and a great mission. I am just a wee bit envious, but VERY happy for Maid Elizabeth. :)

  6. Maid Elizabeth, You are entering a most rewarding profession and "calling". I recall in an earlier entry that there was a mention for donations to assist you in your preparations for the educational midwifery mission journey you're undertaking to the Philipines, but I can't find it. Please repost where I am to send my monetary gift.
    Is it possible to set up a special Paypal email/link and perhaps post it Enola on the left side border of this blog?
    Thanks for considering my suggestion and God Bless you and your whole family for supporting Maid Elizabeth in her chosen path.