Saturday, August 24, 2019

Charity Gone Wrong

The Real World Consequences of the Misapplication of "Compassion"

San Francisco.  Seattle.  Denver.  Cities littered with drug needles, human waste, used condoms and the detritus associated with the hopelessness of third-world countries.   And yet this is the United States of America.  Or was.......

Over the years, as our country has been increasingly influenced by progressive elite idealists, we have been forced into a kind of Situational Justice.  Right and wrong, good and bad, has been replaced by a  politically driven narrative that preaches "charity" and "compassion", but in fact leaves a post-apocalyptic waste land in its wake.

When I was a child, my family lived on Vashon Island, an island in Puget Sound - about a 15 minute Ferry boat ride from Seattle.  My father had been born and raised on Vashon and my mom hailed from West Seattle, moving to Vashon when she was in high school.  Our family had (and still has) deep roots in the area.  When I was 8, we moved to the outback of Idaho, but spent every family vacation in Seattle or on Vashon.  I remember being so excited when we descended Snoqualamie Pass knowing we were almost there!  Back then North Bend seemed way out in the country and Issaquah far removed from Seattle.  By the time we were on Mercer Island, I was mesmerized, and crossing Lake Washington over the Floating Bridge (through the tunnels) was fantastic.  As we'd get closer to downtown, I could smell the salt water and I never failed to breath deep of its heady fragrance.  As we drove, I marveled at one of the things I loved most about the's amazing beauty.  I loved the ivy-covered walls and the manicured parks.  The thick underbrush and myriad shades of green were truly worthy of the name "The Emerald City".  It's beauty was unparalleled.

That was then.  Now, my beautiful city has succumbed to the misapplication of compassion and the consistent use of situational justice.

Progressive Socialists love to tell you that they are all about the "little man".  They tout "compassion" and "charity" and "equality" as their core values, however, the implementation of their vision produces nothing resembling their "Utopia".  Unless of course, their utopia includes rampant disease, pervasive drug use and violent, mentally deranged human masses.  Which apparently it does, because that is what we have achieved.

We keep hearing the buzzword "homelessness".  We also keep hearing about the homeless crisis and about how these poor people have no where to turn - they have been driven to the streets by an oppressive society ruled by White Male Nationalists.  They commit crimes, but they have no choice - society made them do it.  Money must be spent.  Charity must be given.  Compassion must prevail.  And justice must be dispensed based upon individual situations.

It turns out, we don't have a "homeless" problem.  We have a drug problem.  And we have a drug problem, because we have encouraged it through our misapplied "charity".  And once we have them hooked on drugs, we must have "compassion" and the only way to show them "compassion" is through "situational" justice.

We have encouraged our country's drug problem by not holding people responsible for their own actions.  We have chosen to support generation after generation of people unwilling to take care of themselves or their own, destroying their self-worth and killing their souls.  We have given to them without expecting them to contribute to their own lives.  And in the process, we have destroyed a nation.  We have given "charity" to the detriment of generations.

Work is good for the soul.  By not requiring people to work, we have contributed to a population that feels hopeless and useless.  And as a result, our people have increasingly turned to drugs to dull their pain.  And to make ourselves feel better, we give them more....more money, more drugs, more chances.  We call it "compassion" but in reality we are kin to the great destroyer.  We are killing people with "kindness".  We are not "compassionate" when we give people "safe" places to shoot-up. We are not "compassionate" when we give money to someone sleeping on the street so they can get another hit.  We are not being "charitable" when we allow situational justice to be the law of the land.  We are killing ourselves.....we are killing our families....we are killing our nation.

I read once that "charity is a finely-tuned instrument, and many there are who wound both themselves and others for want of skill in using it".  I couldn't agree more!  We have wounded both ourselves and our children with the wrongful use of charity.  We have done by far more harm than good.

Charity, compassion and justice, when used correctly, are the beautiful hallmarks of a Christian nation.  When they have been twisted, however, they become ugly, hateful tools of destruction.  We have a responsibility to use these tools wisely or they will be the very instruments of our demise.  And it would appear that our path is clear......


  1. Family dinner conversation 2019:
    Father looking around the table: ‘Honey, where did all these Commies come from?’
    Mother: ‘I don’t know. I was busy working.’

    How often do you hear Americans parrot, “Our children are the future.” And yet where are their children? In government indoctrination camps. And their grandchildren? Same incarceration. These camps cranks out 3.3 Million Bolsheviks every year. Vladimir Lenin knew, “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”

    Governments too have life cycles. Our Empire is dead, though Americans will be the last to know. Is there hope? Homeschooling families know the answer. Yes, our children are the future.

    Montana Guy

  2. So good to see you writing again. I understand you are busy, but still have missed your adventures and wise reflections on life and events.

  3. There seems to be a grave issue within America of not understanding the difference between Social Justice and true Christian values. The Bible has plenty to say about sluggards, and those who won't work. The farther Americans get away from the church, the more government and what it can provide becomes their god. The public schools especially the Universities are truly indoctrination camps. The boys have been feminized and the girls are warriors.

  4. thanks for the insightful comments. One of the reasons that I loved your writings!

  5. This is so very true. Such a sad testament to the times we live.


  6. Thank you for the very clear presentation of misguided charity. It is frustrating how many in government freely give away our taxes because throwing money at problems believing it will fix all woes. Treating only symptoms never addresses the problem.

  7. I don’t know. I know that once, I was tired and confused. The very liberal ideals of “compassion” I was raised with— “Give MC a joint, she’ll feel better”— didn’t work. I decided on conservative ideals— “Shut up and smile, work very very hard, be submissive and obedient, make people happy and tell yourself how wonderful it is”. Well, I got a lot of work done. I also traded an addiction to cannabis for what my husband calls “broken-ass rules that give you more damn anxiety disorders than I’ve ever seen.”

    I’m starting to wonder if I was right when I was 21– the problem isn’t liberalism or conservatism. The problem is the idealism that tells me that, if I just work hard enough (or suppress enough, or dispense enough, or whatever magic idea I come up with next), the world will finally be perfect.

    1. MC, surely you and your husband have determined what would you rather see happening. I can only assume that your goals are realistic.

      I do NOT want an answer to the following question. Ask yourselves, 'What specifically are you and your husband doing RIGHT NOW to make that happen?' If you can answer the question GOOD! If you can't answer the question you are just whining.
      Montana Guy

  8. I'm still in WA state and trying to get the properties sold to get out. And I can say something about this, as we have a couple staying with us now. She is four months pregnant, in drug court for six months. Drug court is sought after, but you have to be in the program for 24 months. Miss a drug test, even if you are clean and you'll do some time in jail, as she just did. He is up for court in February. He is also trying to get into drug court.

    It's not just drugs. These folks spend time in jail because they had their licenses revoked. They can't pay the fines, so they drive any way. We are trying to get her to get her license. She is in a program to reduce the fines. If she drives with her other kids in the car (she has two, staying with their father), she could lose them. Yet, she still doesn't have her license. They have cell phones but never think to use the calendar to remind them to check with the PO or take a drug test. I get so frustrated with it. And they are at least trying to get sorted out, making an effort to go to church. They have no self-discipline. And I don't see any way to instill that in an adult.

  9. I'm sorry to see your blog end. I've enjoyed watching you family's adventures and reading your insights! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Enola Gay, I have followed your site for quite some time now and truly enjoy the information you share and agree with many of your thoughts on this world in which we live. I know that you have been busy with your business, family and newer home over the past two years and I pray you are settling in well. I just wanted to express my concern that you haven't posted in many months. Again, I understand busy, just letting you know that we still think about you!