Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Traditions Continue....

It has been three years since the last Highland Hunt!  Three years!!!!  A new home, a new business, a new group of people - and finally, Sir Knight and I mustered the gumption to host another Highland Hunt!  

Actually, our Highland Hunt was the second shoot we hosted this year.  Our first shoot was our church's Men's Retreat shoot.  And since we got the tent out of storage and gathered tables and chair, we thought we should take the opportunity to have friends and family over and host the Highland Hunt in the true Highlands!!  Although we didn't dress up as we usually do, we did cook up a feast and had an incredible afternoon of fun, fellowship and firearms!!  

And now we pick up where we left off!!

Getting ready for the men's retreat

Clays and shot stacked high

A thing of beauty!

Master Hand Grenade, Miss Serenity and Sir Knight, ready to roll

The dessert and drinks table

A few of the shotguns (and Dragon Snack in the background)

The calm before the store (it had been raining and we hadn't put the chairs up around the fire-pit yet)

Some of the vehicles

They even let us girls shoot!!!

Sir Knight and Master Hand Grenade at the Highland Hunt

Miss Serenity killing clays!

Master Hand Grenade

Master Calvin blasting clays (with Sir Knight manning the clay thrower)

Serenity and Calvin shooting together (we ran two clay throwers)

Hand Grenade, Calvin and Sir Knight at the pistol range

My boys!!


  1. Heart warming to see the family and all the fun. And nice to see a new post. Blessings to you and yours.
    SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  2. Nice to see you all enjoying the things that you love to do..

  3. We loved the pictures (and of course hearing from you guys). Thanks for sharing. Oh I can just smell the gunpowder.... And the aroma of Hoppes No. 9 for dessert. Life's simple pleasures. And what an awesome family.
    Montana Guy

  4. Finally a new post...So glad to see it and see that you had a wonderful time
    at the new be in the country in frest air....I live in a mid size
    city on 1.25 acres and wish I could cut it off my hill and move it to the country...
    Blessings from NC

  5. Does the highland feast include Haggis?

  6. Fun, family, friends, faith, firearms, and food. This is what life is all about! Glad to see a new post - don't stay away so long!

  7. Love thank you for posting! Miss you guys and gals!

  8. Hi!
    I miss you're post so much! You are a great source of inspiration for me. I hope everything goes well for you and you family.
    PS: Sorry for my English, I speak French, I'm from Québec :)

  9. I remember seeing your oldest daughter in a picture at one of your earlier Highland Feasts with a skirt, tactical like one. Do you know where she purchased it? I like to shoot myself but am a skirt wearer and would like to find one with belt loops to wear when I accompany my husband to the range. Thank you.