Tuesday, June 27, 2017

As the Dust Begins to Settle

Has it really been only a month since I shared the news that we were leaving Little Shouse on the Prairie?  It seems like it has been an eternity - an eternity of moving, that is!

In the past four weeks, Sir Knight and I (along with help from our children and parents), have packed up 17 years of off-grid Shouse living.  We have cried and laughed and worked until we thought we'd drop.  We've made endless trips to our new home and shed buckets of tears.  We've questioned our sanity and witnessed God's great provision.  And finally, we have landed.

One of two trailers loaded with the story of our lives

Building racking in the new container

Making the living room feel like home

Looking into the kitchen

Looking into the new addition that will be the "Butler's Pantry"

I brought my culverts to plant my herbs

My new back yard
Along with our move, we have made other, life changing decisions.  Sir Knight left his job of over 30 years and he, along with Master Hand Grenade, is opening a butcher shop.  We've purchased an old service station in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and begin the work next week of remodeling it to meet our needs.  Our goal is to be ready to open by hunting season (in September).  We have our work cut out for us!  The building needs to be completely reconfigured and we need to install coolers and freezers, rails and scales.  In his spare time,  Sir Knight has been apprenticing with the butcher Master Hand Grenade apprenticed with and is soaking up as much information as he can.  We've been buying equipment and making plans.  We are on our way!

This move has been rather like jumping off a cliff.  We've left everything we've known and are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.  As the dust begins to settle, we see a new future.  And we are truly thankful.


  1. Welcome home!!! Your new home looks so beautiful. Your family is just amazing... I'm sure you'll have this new adventure up and running before you know it. Keeping you in our prayers!

  2. It's so good to have you back, we missed you! Praising God for a successful move.
    Will continue to pray for the new job, etc.

  3. Your new place is beautiful!!! Congratulations!

  4. What a wonderful adventure. Praying for your success in your new life. I am so happy to see a post from you. You and your family are such an inspiration to me.What a lovely new home. Its so warm and cozy. Beth S. Masontown Pennsylvania

  5. WOW! It all sounds grand and very exciting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. We have so missed you! Congrats on your new life. Your new house looks wonderful. I moved 10 years ago and I still have boxes to empty.

  7. Beautiful. Nice to hear from you. Good luck on your new business venture.

  8. Thanks for sharing with us - many changes in your life - Amazing what happens when you wait for it.

  9. So happy to see a post from you from your wonderful new home. May you and your family be blessed in your new place and blessings upon your husband's and son's exciting new endeavors. Ramona from NC

  10. Thank you for your witness of surrendering all the to Lord and His Providence...thank you for sharing your unfolding blessings...your blog is a great inspiration..thank you for continuing it! May all continue to go according to His Will.
    In Christ,
    A sister in Christ from Iowa

  11. I am overjoyed that you are back! I've been checking most days for an update.
    I well remember the work of moving.
    Congratulations on starting this new adventure.
    Cheering you on, SJ in Vancouver BC

  12. At last, your family and you have gone home to the mountains. Beautiful place, cozy home, loving family and all of it, God's provision. You are blessed and a great inspiration to never give up!

  13. Congratulations! It looks lovely! What a great change, butchery and training up your Son in a family business.
    Blessings and Prayers,

  14. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if
    that would be ok. I'm absolutely enjoying your blog and look
    forward to new posts.

  15. Thanks for the post! God is faithful, and His blessings are everlasting. Please keep us updated as you have time :>)

  16. Wow! Thanks for sharing pictures of your new home. Awesome! And a new butcher shop for Dad and son? That sounds great. This is exciting stuff! Your family is in our prayers.
    Montana Guy

  17. When you get a chance, tell us who will be living at the Shouse. And Congratulations!

  18. So good to read your new post from your new home...I am in tears of joy for
    you and your family doing this on faith in our Wonderful Father....
    My heart rejoices for you
    Being 69 and having reconciled with my hubby and best friend Bob after a year and a half separation...then being back with him for a year and a half..then was with him as he walked into the loving arms of our Lord and Saviour Jesus on the 15th JULY 2016, I have had many changes too....I wish I could be as brave as you are at just moving to somewhere else and starting a new life....
    So, God Bless you and your family and so blessed to be able to read more when you post again...
    Love from NC

  19. I am so glad to see your post! You and your family have been missed. Your new house already looks like a home congratulations!

  20. Thank you for posting as I have wondered how you have been progressing with the move. Your new home looks wonderfully inviting. Exciting and busy days ahead for you. Jenny

  21. Congratulations from Jim Rawles and Family. We are thrilled that you were able to make the move. We are praying that all goes well with your new ventures. May God Bless You and Yours!

  22. Best of luck! When we lived in Wisconsin a man we met had a complete butcher shop in buildings on what was left of his family's farm. He was opened for about 3-4 weeks each fall during deer gun season - working day and night while on 'vacation" from his city job. He said his wife didn't care for it, but he made as much (often more) during that month than he did working his "day job" the entire rest of the year. He did a wonderful job. Even the venison roasts came neatly bundled and tied with strips of bacon across the top. He kept each deer separate. It was 1990 and he did the work for $35/deer.. May you have his success, LOYAL following of customers and beyond! Natokadn

  23. So excided to see a post AND you new home. You had us all wondering if we'd ever hear from you again. God's blessings on your new adventure as well. Have you ever thought of Go fund me or Kickstarter? You have a lot of "Internet family" that would love to be part of your new business and we could help with set up cost for remodeling and equipment. It's a thought. I for one would love to help out. I really would love to use some sweatequity and elbow grease along side your family.
    Looking forward to hearing the progress of the shop and your new digs when you have the time.

    Blessings, Herdog

  24. Well, if it isn't Caer David! Absolutely beautiful.
    I am thrilled beyond measure for you and pray fervently that God will bless your new ventures, esp. the new butcher shop! What a wonderful thing that father and son will be working together, in addition to the whole family making preparations for its start-up.
    I really shouldn't, but I must say that I covet your back yard. Soooo beautiful.
    Thanks for updating us again! I was waiting semi-patiently. ;)

  25. Welcome home!! I thought that would be where you'd gone... Won't be the first time y'all have jumped off a cliff and found out you could fly. If Lisa Beth shouldn't covet your back yard, I probably shouldn't covet your storage container and butler's pantry... Be blessed.

  26. Awesome! We need details! Is it off grid or are you on the grid now? Some of it looks like a regular house, some a container that's converted, is that right?

    Good luck on your new adventure and I wish your new business well, we need old school skills to flourish (like butchering)

  27. Wow! It looks like it is going to be so wonderful for you. It must have been so hard. We did the same thing this year, moved after 36 years in the same place. It is so hard to leave those memories.
    It sounds like it is going to be such a great adventure. Good luck. I look forward to seeing it all happen wonderfully for you.

  28. Oh isn't God good? All praise be to Him who is ever loyal to those who love Him! So thankful that you guys are able to "rest" in the palm of His hand! Welcome home! Can't wait to hear of more new adventures!!!!!!