Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Education of Proper Citizens.....

Presenting Modern Education:

Made you think!!!


  1. Government schools are evil institutions of mass indoctrination and bastions of moral depravity. I gag every time I hear a parent defensively parrot, 'But our public school is a good one.' Yea right, different cafeteria, same poisoned food.
    Montana Guy

  2. Video just about says it summs it up...
    And yet, people go along with this
    touchy feely garbage...God Sees...
    Love from NC

  3. Praise God for homeschooling!

  4. For those of you near Coeur d' Alene, there is a solid biblical Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) mission work since Dec 2016:

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  5. I work at the University of Illinois and this says it all!! What in the heck have happened to us!!

  6. We certainly do seem to live in a world that has become this utterly nonsensical...

  7. Project Baltimore found five Baltimore City high schools and one middle school that do not have a single student proficient in the state tested subjects of math and English.

    But guess what? Half of the 'students' graduate (wink-wink nod-nod)! Me thinks the other half were either in jail or the maternity ward.

    I guess Dumb Lives Matter.

    Montana Guy

  8. Public school wasn't that bad when I attended , but then, the last time I was inside a public school was in 1980. It sort of reminds me of a an old Bloom County comic strip where everyone was offended by everything...they were suffering from offensensitivity.

  9. my kids and I visited a local University campus today to see a space exploration display. On every single office and lab window were signs with pink triangles, rainbows and (I kid you not) smilie faces that said...wait for it..."Safe Zone." Fine print further explained that people of all religions, races, sexualities, body types, and about five other attributes were the ones in need of safety. Attached to almost every window, there was also a diversity poster. *sigh*. I wanted to ask someone where the "safe zone" would be once these people were out in the big, scary real world.

  10. We understand the interconnection of governmental issues, power and benefit. The Common source Agenda is not for advanced education to self-serve, but rather to "walk the discussion"