Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Making Progress?

We have been working on Maid Elizabeth's house and had been making great progress - that is, until we started ripping things out! 

We knew that the bathroom needed to be gutted and plumbing needed to be attended to, but it seems we have delved into even more projects.  We started by ripping up the bathroom and painting the kitchen.  Maid Elizabeth began by painting the kitchen a lovely shade of yellow.  Unfortunately that lovely yellow turned a somewhat mucus green in the evening light - ugh.  Next, Maid Elizabeth painted the kitchen a striking color called Submarine Grey.  With white trim, it promised to be beautiful!  But then......I got a wild hare.....I decided to look under the homely wood paneling.  I pulled the paneling back, lifted up at least 5 layers of wall paper, and discovered the most beautiful ship lap hiding beneath.  After Maid Elizabeth squealed with delight and then tried to decide what she wanted to do, we commenced pulling all of the paneling off uncovering the ship lap.  So were making progress.  I think.

Miss Serenity and Sir Knight ripping out the bathroom

The toilet, tub and floor still need to come out

Princess Dragon Snack and Master Calvin taking the flooring up in the laundry room

Master Hand Grenade hard at work

Yellow walls in the kitchen....

Then grey walls.....

Sir Knight deconstructing!

And now - ship lap!
Maid Elizabeth and Sir Knight are picking up her new wood cook stove on Saturday and her flooring has been ordered.  She is having a work party this weekend and hopes to make some real progress (no more steps backward).  She has lighting waiting to be installed and appliances stacked up in the shed. 

We are indeed making progress!


  1. Oh my gosh! The linoleum in the pictures of the kitchen are what is in my kitchen.....right now! I bet she manages to replace hers before mine ever gets done! Natokadn

    1. That must have been a popular design. It was in My laundry room in my current home. It was one of the first things I ripped out and replaced. The house will be cute when it's complete!

  2. I love seeing the whole family helping the oldest bird leave the nest. One of the pieces of furniture we purchased a LONG time ago was painted white. When we stripped off the paint there was the most beautiful birds eye maple veneer. I have no idea what anyone in their right mind would have done that but we are still using that same dresser 40 years later.

  3. Enola,

    You've been making all kinds of progress. I love ship lap, and can see why you're deconstructing to locate all the ship lap. Your Daughters place will be beautiful when totally done.

  4. Maid Elizabeth's home is going to be awesome; so cozy, so much character. Thank you for sharing your progress.
    Montana Guy

  5. Absolutely LOVE SHIP LAP...Oh what a fantastic find....
    Wish my home had ship lap.....Way to go Maid Elizabeth!!!and MOM.
    Love from NC

    1. Me too - I LOVE the ship lap! In addition to the linoleum I am all lathe & plaster - much less pleasant to deal with, hence it is still there. And we have lived here for nearly 25 years......Natokadn

  6. Thank you for the pictures. I had been wondering if you had started on the projects.