Friday, February 19, 2016

Gear Talk - Rifle Slings

Sir Knight

After using several different types of slings - single point, two point and even three point rifle slings - and talking with operators who've used them while deployed, I've found a few slings that work well for our applications.  This is not a product review, because the use of rifle slings is completely personal - a sling system either works for you or it doesn't.  I'll share what we use and why, and maybe show you a few innovations you hadn't seen before. 

My personal choice for a sling is a two-point sling.  I use the VTAC sling made by Viking Tactical.  It comes in every color you want, padded or not padded.  The quick adjustment, which is just behind your back, makes it very easy to loosen or tighten the sling.  As a matter of fact, you can suck it up hard against your chest with the simple pull of one hand, allowing you to bend over to render aid or do any other chores without having to take the weapon off. 

VTAC padded sling

VTAC sling - pull to tighten

Pull to loosen

Maid Elizabeth replaced the original pulls with these para-cord pulls
(skulls optional)
Master Hand  Grenade prefers a single-point sling.  For whatever reason, I feel trapped in a single-point sling, however they do have other advantages.  The ability to shoot right or left handed is lightening fast with a single-point sling - not so with a double point sling.  However, you can't pull a single point sling tight against your chest.  The sling must be removed or the rifle slung backwards across your back.  Enter Master Hand Grenades new sling that may be a good compromise between both.  The Magpul MS4 sling. 

Magpul MS4 sling

Pull to adjust

MS4 sling in single-point mode

And in double point mode
The MS4 sling works best when used exclusively with quick disconnect (QD) sling swivels (which are now standard, and sold everywhere).  By the use of a clever little metal bracket, this sling is able to be a single-point or a two point sling.  Master Hand Grenade loves this sling, however we have not yet had a chance to test it at the range.  The adjustments on the MS4 sling are easy to use (I still prefer the VTAC sling).

Clever adapter

Close-up of the MS4 adapter
The quick disconnect sling attachments are so popular that most major AR-15 stock manufacturers are installing sockets for the QD slings into their stocks.  And to put a sling on the hand guards is just as simple and they can be placed absolutely anywhere.  By installing a rear plate at the butt stock, with a socket built into it, any single point sling with a QD can be hooked right into that rifle instantly. 

Quick disconnects

Factory installed QD socket on Magpul stock
(can be removed and installed on the other side)

QD socket installed on Magpul MOE handguards

QD socket on rear plate

Single point sling attached to rear plate

QD socket installed on Key Mod handguards

Ultimately, you will have to research and try different slings to determine what would meet your needs.  Viking Tactical has instructional videos on their website and there are several Youtube reviews of the Magpul MS4. 

Whichever sling system you decide to use, I am completely sold on the quick disconnect sockets and swivels.  There are times when a sling is just impractical or gets in the way.  With the QD setup, the sling can be removed instantly and shoved into a pack or a pocket.

Master Hand Grenade and I have found what works for us - We recommend both the VTAC and MS4 slings very highly.  You can't go wrong with either of them.


  1. Love the personalization on your rifles.

  2. I like those as well. Where can they be purchased?

  3. Thank you! Sir Knight and the children built that rifle for me for Christmas. They sent out the lower receiver and had it engraved (with the verse on the magazine well). The selector switch already had "Peace", "War", and "God Wills It", however, Maid Elizabeth put the color in. The lower is a Crusader lower from Spike's Tactical. It comes with the selector switch detail and the Crusader emblem. They also have the engraving on the magazine well, but only if you buy their complete rifle, which is quite a lot of $$.


  4. I run VTAC slings on all my AR's and my fighting shotgun. I do run a single point sling on my Sig 5.56 pistol. I run it very short and find that by pushing the gun straight out I can create tension on the strap that I can use for a cheek weld. Accuracy is great at 25 yards and decent at 50. That is about the max I can see being used in a defensive situation during normal times. It makes a nice compact traveling companion on my road trips. I do keep a buffer tube and sig brace in the backpack in case getting home becomes more serious.

  5. Btw... love the paracord pulls. Maybe a cottage business is born...

  6. Good post. I love this. Thank for share