Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Wonders of Winter

It snowed!  It snowed!  Last night, as we all lay snug in our beds, our world was blanketed with a glorious covering of new fallen snow.  Such beauty we awoke to this morning!

Shortly after tea and seeing Sir Knight to the door, I woke the children and listened with great delight to their squeals of joy.  After a hurried breakfast, we all put on our coats and mufflers, hats and gloves, ready to explore our winter wonderland.  As I pulled the 4-wheeler out of the shed, the kids hooked the Pelican sled to the hitch and piled in for some early morning fun.  I sped through the fields, cutting doughnuts, winding through serpentines and maneuvering figure eights.  With rosy, smiling faces, Miss Serenity, Princess Dragon Snack and Master Calvin held fast, their gloved hands curled around the edges of the sled.  On the straighter paths, when their grip could be loosened, one or the other would scoop up a handful of snow and launch it at me as I drove, laughing as their snowball hit the mark.  Yay snow!

The 4-wheeler with the sled (upside down, of course)

Princess Dragon Snack being attacked by the ferocious Tibetan Mastiff (who happens to LOVE the snow)
After our morning of fun we settled in for school.  The shouse was cozy and warm and so pleasant that after we finished school, we thought twice about heading back into the winter weather, however, we couldn't resist the gorgeous wonderland that beckoned.  We spent the next few hours splitting wood and stacking it in the woodshed (taking a quick sled ride in between each load) and finally, after much playing, attached the snowplow to the front of the 4-wheeler.  Now we will have to limit our sledding fun to the driveway, as the snowplow is too low to go through the deep snow of the field. 

With the snow plow (after plowing the driveway)
It has been a beautiful winter's day, deep in the American Redoubt.  As the gloaming unfolded, Sir Knight and I took tea in front of the wood cookstove and thanked God for the blessings of our family, our shouse and the snow, glorious snow.


  1. We, too, had our first snow (other than the snows that melted right after the sun came up). It was an added bonus that we saw the sun. I'm not used to the cloud cover Idaho has. Today was very special.
    I told my 15 year old that we needed to get a large sled for moving hay that would also double as a sled for behind the 4 wheeler. I will have to share the pictures with him.
    So happy that you had this special day with your kiddos.

    1. We have an Otter Sled which looks just like Enola's Pelican Sled. You can find them at North40. They are a bit pricey but come in handy for many things. We even used ours to put our potatoes in and haul them to the house from the garden. Paintedmoose

  2. We did not get nearly the snow here in the treasure valley that you did, so I lived vicariously through your sharing the fun!! Thanks!!

  3. Sounds like a great time was had by all! I know I would have enjoyed the sledding! :-)

  4. So fun! Our weather here in Georgia has been in the 70's, so we've enjoyed evening walks without coats even. Just a little strange for this time of year.

  5. Great pictures. Great fun.
    Montana Guy

  6. Great pictures! We just got our first snow of the season here in North Carolina. We're fixing to make a sled using old skis as the base, if we ever get enough snow this winter to use it! God bless and thanks for sharing with us.