Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Perfect Moments in Time

Yesterday was a perfect winter day.  The snow fell gently, dressing the trees in spotless garments of white and covering the prairie with a thick winter blanket.

After the children had finished their school they bundled up in their woolens and boots and spent hours catching snowflakes on their tongues and creating a well-dressed snowfolk family.  As they played, I trekked through the snow, marveling at the inspiring beauty that met my eye at every turn.  Oh, the glorious, awesome world that was created for our perfect enjoyment!

Shaking the snow from my boots, I stepped into Little Shouse and began the business of preparing for afternoon tea.  As the cookstove boiled merrily along, I mixed and kneaded and reveled in the simple routine of homemaking.

As Sir Knight drove up the drive, the children hustled in from the cold, laying their snow things aside.  While Sir Knight, Master Hand Grenade, Miss Serenity and I enjoyed tea and cinnamon rolls in the kitchen, Princess Dragon Snack and Master Calvin sipped cocoa near-by.  It was a perfect moment in time - a sweet time of fellowship on a cold winters day.

I hope all of you have an opportunity to experience at least one perfect moment in time.  My best wishes for a beautiful winter.


  1. Enola,

    We had several perfect moments this winter, now I'm looking forward to spring.
    This way I can get my garden up and going with prayers of a healthy harvest for canning this year.
    Bless you and your family.

  2. Dearest Enola,

    Just received your wonderful Cookbook in the mail....LOVE it! I truly love to "visit" you in your shouse, what a gentle and loving family.

    Honey Hill Farm

  3. Enola, I inherited the same pattern of dishes that you have from my Grandmother. Does your have a story? :)