Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Servants Have Ruled Over Us

We speak in hushed, quiet tones, hypersensitive of our surroundings - cautious of being overheard.  We save any "real" conversations for personal, face-to-face interactions, not wanting our thoughts and plans to be misinterpreted by faceless servants as they sift through intercepted internet and phone communications.   We carefully hide our real opinions and convictions, not wanting to draw the attention of the thought police.

Our government has effectively legislated the demise of the 1st Amendment.  All three branches of our government have betrayed the people.  The legislative branch has passed laws limiting our freedom of speech, the executive branch has signed these unending breeches of our rights into law and the judicial branch has repeatedly upheld laws designed to strip us of our rights.  And we have allowed it.  We have drunk the Kool-Aid, the Utopian ideal of strengthening the rights of the masses at the cost of the individual.  The problem is that without the rights of every single, individual person, there are no rights at all.

We live in a time that I never thought I would witness.  A time when speaking out of the conviction of your heart can be punishable by law.  A time when believing in and upholding the foundations of our social fabric is considered bigoted and hate-filled.  A time calling a sin a sin can get you stoned in the city gates.  A time when expressing distrust or dissatisfaction with governmental entities can get you audited, jailed or worse.

But there's more.  We now judge people by what they think, not what they do.  Once upon a time, our citizens were presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Not anymore.  Now, our government is listening to our conversations, reading our mail and taking it upon themselves to determine if our thinking is dangerous - seditious.  We are encouraged to tattle on our neighbors and monitor our friends.  We are told that if "we see something" we need to "say something" - "they" will know how to interpret the facts, they just need us to be their eyes and ears.

And now we cower.  Our servants have become our masters.  Our thoughts are not our own.

I would love to be able to blame the corrupt state of our nation on our leaders, but I cannot.  It is us.  We have chosen not to think, not to believe that our sins would catch up to us.  We have chosen safety over freedom and our rights over the rights of others.  We have asked for our government to make life "fair", to subdue the playground bullies and to take care of our needs.  They have complied.

And now they have us where they want us.  Dependent.  Compliant.  Subservient.  

Wake from your slumber, O people.  Throw off the shackles of tyranny.  Speak what you believe.  Stand firm.  Shout from the roof-tops.  Never, never be ashamed of speaking God's truth.  Our nation depends upon it.

"Servants have ruled over us: there is none that doth deliver us out of their hand."
Lamentations 5:8  


  1. You are so right, Enola. Another excellent post.
    All I can say is "AMEN."

  2. You, I and most of your readers are pained by this...but far too many see nothing wrong and want more of this.

    I, too, keep my mouth shut and my thoughts to myself. However, I hear more and more people openly talking about what is happening. Low murmurs, open conversations, increased discussion on the radio. I play dumb with all except my closest associates. Loose lips sink ships, so to speak.

    Thank you, Enola. Some days are beautifully spent doing what we do and I tune out what is going on (a defensive survival mechanism). This brought me back to reality.


  3. Wow! And so very true. Sad.

  4. Enola,
    When I read your post, I think of God's warning in The Old Testament,
    1 Samuel 8 6-21. The people didn't listen then, why would they now?

    It is painful to see our country slowly making the same mistakes that history repeatedly warns us about. The lessons are there, written from the beginning, to the present, yet all seem to be ignored.

  5. Steven stoned to death. Paul in prison, John in exile on
    the isle of Patmos. We need to stand and face our enemy
    We are allowing this to happen because of our fear. Jesus
    knew the outcome yet still walked to the cross. DO WE

  6. I have missed your blog. Very glad that you have finished your book and are now posting again. What you have posted here is so very sad but so very true. Our country is dying before our eyes.

  7. Are we willing to do what the Egyptians are doing? One year of bad policies and they wanted their president out so they hit the streets! 5 years of destructions and what have we done? NOTHING! Are we as brave as our founders? Are we as brave as the shakers and quackers that housed runaway slaves that wanted freedom and they did it at the cost of their property and lives? Are we as brave as Haym Saloman? That nearly single handedly financed the revolutionary war, he died with no money for his family but he left behind something he thought was priceless for his children; freedom. He valued that above all rubies and that was the legacy he left behind. Are we as brave as the many, many fathers and mothers that built this country? Or will we fade into history with a whimper and become a part of the New World Order without any resistance? How will we answer our Lord when we go to meet him? That we let Satan run rough shod over us. What excuse will we give?

    We are living in occupied America. Let us form a human chain across America as the Estonians did across Estonia during communist occupation of Estonia (see documentary "The Singing Revolution"). All patriots join hands along the streets in every county, city, town across this country. This cost no money for travel to a central locations to protest. Everyone who loves freedom is linked to someone else. This is something we all can do that cost us nothing and we don't need any special skills we just show up on a street and join hands and sing praises to God in Heaven. Let's do it create a human banner for liberty and defiance across our country. We patriots must have a way to join together, we must no longer be disbanded.

  8. Here is a slogan I've come up with "Remember Liberty" anyone is free to use it.

  9. "Now, our government is listening to our conversations, reading our mail and taking it upon themselves to determine if our thinking is dangerous - seditious. We are encouraged to tattle on our neighbors and monitor our friends. We are told that if "we see something" we need to "say something" - "they" will know how to interpret the facts, they just need us to be their eyes and ears."

    satan is not omnipresent, omnipotent nor omniscient... he requires us, and we willingly comply with his will and construct. All we must do is awaken to his plans and simply cease and desist cooperation. Far too many Christian "patriots" are under the massive illusion (akin to the delusion of evolution but for Americans only) that our country (its fed gov anyway) was founded with noble Christian intent in 1776. Sorry to say that nothing could be further from the truth. We have been deceived yet again. I encourage all to search YouTube for "Chris Pinto documentaries" and to start watching, unlearning and relearning. It is painful but necessary. What we are witnessing is the end game of something begun long ago.

    Jesus is Lord, amen! Do we truly believe indeed? Ephesians 6:13

    1. Well said! Read "conspiracy in philadelphia" by gary north..its free online

  10. Truer words were never written. I fear it may be too late for the majority of Americans to come to their senses and rise up against this tyranny.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Northwest Patriots and Self Reliance Rally at Farragut State Park on July 26-28.

  11. Hi Enola,
    Here is an interview with Katie Werthmann your readers will be very interested. A recount of her childhood under Hitlers rule.


    What Hitler did is being replayed in our country, we must stop this evil with all our might.

  12. remember, a wise man hides himself in time of trouble.
    our strongest weapons, against which the enemy cannot prevail, are prayer with fasting.
    these come not out except by prayer and fasting.
    there was a missionary in india about whom i read, who prayed an hour or so in the morning and 'missionaried' for eight or ten hours.
    he was achieving few results except his own exhaustion.
    he thought about it and changed his habit to eight hours of prayer and a few hours of evangelizing.
    the results amazed him. people were flocking in to the Kingdom!!
    the fact is that praying and fasting are hard work. the minute you start the 'phone rings, somebody knocks at the door and the dog throws up, all at once. you know this to be true.
    a friend of mine had a vision in which our prayer group was seated around a campfire in the night. isn't it night here in america and in all the world, if only we could see with spiritual eyes? don't let the sunshine fool you!
    at the campfire we were praying and we could hear the sounds of fierce battle in the distance.
    suddenly Jesus appeared, sword in hand, buckler held before Him. He checked in to assure us and told us to keep praying as it lends succor to His Army .
    the message was clear. watch and pray.
    we were not to sleep in that night, at that campfire.
    we were to stay wakeful, prayerful, and keep the fire burning.
    what is written shall be fulfilled and we cannot stop it. it will be.
    our part is to watch and pray.
    some years ago i was at our seminary when i met a lovely priest.
    this was part of our conversation.
    i said that i had never understood that when it was said that many are called but few are chosen just how few would be chosen.
    he answered that that is because few choose to answer the call.
    the lightbulb lit up in my head!
    it is not that Jesus is chary with His invitations, it is that humanity is chary with its r.s.v.p.'s!!
    God help us!!
    take care of yourselves.
    deb harvey

  13. If you do a check on the Allegemeine which was an arm of the Nazi SS you will see how it was the clerks and bureaucrats that put and kept Hitler in power. Now many of the clerks have become empowered by the gov't that has awakened the "Little Nazi" in them. These were people that knew early on that they could never compete in the "real" world so they sought refuge in the nameless faceless "person" in charge of their little area of some bureaucracy hidden deep inside the gov't. It's been said that even a blind squirrel finds a nut eventually it now seems that the useless have achieved a status albeit undeserved.