Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Man's Home is His Castle

The very foundation of our social political system is embodied in the succinct words of William Pitt, 18th Century English Statesman.....

"The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the crown.  It may be frail; its roof may shake; the wind may blow through it; the storm may enter; the rain may enter; but the King of England cannot enter - all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!"

And another tidbit to think on...

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.  It is the arguments of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves".

So, my question is this....Are you a tyrant or a slave?


  1. thank you for your blog. my home is my families castle and domain. We must stand firm in our faith in God, and our love of our families and our country.
    the progs will soon realize that 1 patriot defending his or her home is greater than hired thugs. By patriot I mean someone who understands that their liberty and freedom is a gift from God and one they must train and prepare to keep and ultimately give an accounting to Him of their stewardship over it. your blog and others give me hope
    thank you

    A Fellow American

  2. I love your header! Thank you so much for your continuing posts!


  3. Enola,


    Enola, Sorry to change the subject on your blog, but this will be the last time do that. My job is taking more of a toll out of me than I thought and I am now working overtime and every other Saturday. I have little precious time to myself and to do things like go to the range on weekends. I already made arrangements to pay a lawn service to mow my lawn.

    After today, I will no longer have the time to surf this blog and other blogs. I just dont have the time anymore. That really stinks but I am making a a lot of money (and I mean a lot of money)

    Oilfied exoloration and production in the Eagle Ford is increasing and so there is a greater need for the equipment I work on. Therefore I get to work more. Now my company is gonna give a "spanking brand new Iphone" (my world is coming to an end) I hate cell phones, at least they are paying for that infernal device.

    I took today off so I can go the the dentist and get my teeth cleaned (yeah' some Texans have teeth) Really' for survival, I think most people focus on health, but few realize how important keeping teeth in your head is. I heard something about how tooth decay and gum disease can lead to heart disease etc. So I take really good care of my teeth (I should make it to my 80's at this rate)

    Im also getting a Liberty gunsafe delivered today. I was fortunate enough to pay cash for that big, baby. A dark maroon beauty. It will be bolted to my concrete slab in an inner room of my house. I now have four layers of security, the fourth is the safe. The second is the fancy alarm system. The other two are secret. Im keeping my savings account in my safe(screw Francis Lagarde and the IMF) sorry for saying something ugly on your blog Enola' but those "Chicago Fascist's Socailist can burn in the fires of hell" for as Im concerned. Banks can no longer be trusted any money. Thats the main reason Im investing in tangibles. Im also am doubling up on house payments too.

    Over on Ann Barnharts blog' she said awhile back after the MF Global scam "If you can't stand in front of it and guard it with an assult rifle. You don't need to invest in it"

    On Joe Nobody's website was a simple "denial of service attack" anyone can do with a couple of pc's and a router or two can do. Just set the pc's and the router to ping and IP address constantly and shutdown a website, blog whatever. Thats what happened a ways back with "Survivalblog' As per the Chinease and all the mischief they are up to. There are almost two billion of them Chinamen. More and more of them are moving to the cities and at some point more will work on cities and there will be fewer and fewer farmers to feed the masses. At a certain point a collapse of the Chinease system will occur and the death toll with be in the hundreds of millions. China will revert to a hermit Kingdom like it was for the past three thousand years. China can not run for its past, they only have been like this since the 1980's and sooner or later the problems that plagued most of the Chinease Dynasty's and their Emporer's will comeback to huant mondern China.

    I am still more pessemistic than ever on or country. I still feel we will not make it. There are not enough Patriots to save this country and we are too culturaly and socially diverse too keep the republic intact as we have known it the past two hundred years. We also have turned our backs on God and on our basic Christian values. That will be our biggest mistake as a society.

    My long term plan is to save some cash, get more gold (in one tenth once and half once size) silver, junk silver. When the collapse occurs and gold is at $10.000 an once. I can trade the gold, maybe a little silver and a few guns for some land. At some point our currency will be worthless.

    I gotta go now' I may be back in December when things slow down a bit (or when I get get laid off when things collapse)

    best of luck to everyone.


    1. Cap'n you are a smart man for makin hay while the sun shines and from what you have written that you are doing, you are turning that hay into what you will need when the collapse comes. Again, you are a smart man, and I will miss your input and honesty you express about the topics Enola writes about and about what you do and your perspective on the world. I admire a man that admonishes others to be so very, very thankful for their spouse and children. We all need to hear it from time to time and you supplied it. Thanks.

      Your friend in WY with snow up to her knees,

    2. Enola, this piece is has the simple truth that defines our lives.

      I would only expand to say what I know you and others have thought: a man's castle should not be monitored by the government, in any way shape or form without probable cause. All the ABC agencies are gathering information from our email and our text messages, our bank statements and withdrawals, our computer purchases, our gasoline purchase receipts if you pay outside with a card (I have done so mainly because the single diesel pump always has a line at it and I don't want to hold it up.) These are part of our castle as well and the infringement upon our privacy is astounding.

      Our castle plans must be approved by the county and we must ask permission and pay for it, too.

      Then after jumping through all the hoops, we pay every year, lest the sheriff auction off our home on the courthouse steps. Robin Hood really was not a good guy, stealing is stealing. THOU SHALT NOT STEAL. The county, state and feds do it continually.

      Meanwhile, profiling is a no-no, so ALL must be subjected to the latest infringement because the most likely to commit terrorism won't clean out their own house, admonish their own, or do anything to put a stop to the next planned action. The .gov agencies harass us all to justify their enormous salaries, travel budgets, health and retirement plans because they are inept at targeting and deterring the real criminals.

      I would like to say that the castle doctrine in WY extended to my property lines, but I must run into my home if attacked and the perp must attempt to break in before I can do what needs to be done. Another usurpation of a God given right to self protection, an amendment to the law because the liberal democrat gov would not sign the legislation without it. Why destroy good legislation to get it passed instead of putting the RIGHT legislation forth and having the gov make himself look like a fool for not signing it, thus he remained the good guy for signing the castle doctrine law and got re-elected and then supported obamao for president.

      I'm rambling, so off to get the canner going (while the sun shines!)


    3. Side Track Susie,


      Thanks for the complement, I needed to hear that. I feel as if I am alone in the wilderness with no support of any type many times. It ain't easy being a one man operation, not having any one to lean on, no words of encouragement from a wife or getting a hug from a young daughter and knowing that I am her hero.

      I see my friends and they get strength from thier families. The only strength I get is from from a years supply of "Folgers Instant Coffee" and five pounds of "Peanut M&M's" (I wonder if you can cann' Peanut M&M's)

      All jokes aside, the road ahead will only get harder for all of us, and we will have to find the strength to survive from every positive source we can.

      (side track susie, Im not going away permanetly, Im will still have time to check e-mail at least. Im interested in Wyoming as well as other parts of the redoubt. Maybe you can offer me some advice on where too move, or not to move when the time comes. You can reach me at

    4. I'll ponder some on that, Capn. Wyoming is big and dry (like Texas without the humidity) and our methane boom is past and our coal mines are cutting back and laying off. When things slow down, you should grab a like-minded buddy and road trip through the redoubt. You never know, though, Tx may just be the place to be, especially if you all ban together and secede.

      If you do come north, be warned, it has snowed here in every month of the year at some time or the other.


    5. I would love to take a "practical roadtrip" through the Redoubt(and nearby areas)-both for fun and to scout things out..but my car has nearly one and a half light-seconds on it.. It's been extremely reliable, but it's starting to cross into interplanetary space, from a mileage standpoint (it's gone past the Moon, mileage-wise-all of my cars have..). Kinda makes you think about really long trips-but still, it would be fun..

  4. Alas things have changed a lot in this regard since the days of William Pitt.
    There are a huge number of people/agencies who now "have a statuary right of entry to your home" in the UK.

  5. Captaincrunch, you most certainly can can Peanut M&M's with a vacuum sealer! Check out Wendy DeWitt's Youtube vids on Food Storage. She's an experienced, entertaining speaker and aficionado of all things chocolate.