Thursday, February 7, 2013

All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

The other morning during family bible study, the kids and I were talking about slothfulness and covetousness.  The verses that we had been studying were Proverbs 21:25-26 "The desire of the slothful kills him; for his hands refuse to labour.  He covets greedily all the day long; the the righteous gives and spares not".  We started to talk about being slothful and what that meant and why the slothful covet.  It was pretty easy for them to come to the conclusion that the slothful didn't want to work and because of that they always wanted what they didn't posses.  Pretty simple.  But that got us to talking.  What is it that we value in this world and how are we teaching those values to the next generation?

When was the last time you heard about a public school teaching children that it was important to work, no matter what the job?  That work itself was not just a means to an end but a reward in and of itself?  When did you hear of a school (or a parent for that matter) teaching children to hold their tongue and control their urges?  As we sat discussing all of the character qualities that are essential to the maintenance of a polite and free society, we realized that everything we need to know, we are indeed taught in kindergarten....

  • He who is the most disruptive, will get the most attention
  • There really is such a thing as a free lunch
  • Your rights end where mine begin
  • Children are always right, adults are always wrong
  • If someone else has what you want, crying about it will, at the very least, get it taken away from him
  • Life is supposed to be fair and it is the  job of teachers, police, government to make it so
  • You get extra points for tattling on your friends
  • All of your behavioral problems can be excused by your family life
  • If someone doesn't like you, it's because they are "haters" (you certainly didn't do anything wrong)
  • If you won't control yourself, you have an illness
  • It's your teacher's fault if you fail your classes
  • Government is good, free enterprise is bad
  • Nature is more important than people
  • Pets are people too
  • If you are disruptive in class, you are just "highly intelligent" and bored with the schoolwork
  • "Intolerance" is never tolerated
  • No one is your "superior"
  • The "good of the group" always comes before the good of the individual
  • Rich people are greedy, poor people are downtrodden
  • It is your job to know what everyone else should be doing

When we teach our children upside-down character, how can we expect them to grow up and maintain moral integrity?  We can't.  Our society is perfectly reflecting what we are teaching our children.  We are successfully implementing everything we learned in kindergarten.   And now we know what it's like to live in a country run by children.


  1. Absolutely fabulous, and sadly accurate, post, Enola.

  2. This KGB defector prophesiezed the end and why, of America. This was recordered 29 years ago. You can read about him all on the web.

    Take 13 minutes and see for yourself, if his words have not come true. Sadly, not much we can do at this point but resist, with God in our hearts.

    Sorry for the bad news.

  3. Your rights end where mine begin
    And now we know what it's like to live in a country run by children.

    Sums up the ills of our society accurately and neatly. I think it would be hard for other children to miss this if they were told so as clearly and simply as this. Unfortunately, as you said, children aren't told this.

  4. Wow, Enola! Spot on, once again.

  5. For too many, there are no consequences-or, delayed consequences that are far worse than the small "lessons" most of us learn.

  6. Very Funny! Gotta laugh or else you'll cry. Thank GOD for home schoolers we can turn this oceanliner around. It doesn't take the majority. A handful of people can change a nation in fact one man can do it. In apostle Paul's day a handful of christians turned the world upside down. They were fully persuaded and fearless.

    Don't be discouraged there are alot of people in our country fighting the good fight. Just because the controlled media doesn't tell you the victories God's people are winning doesn't mean nothing is happening. Don't be silent anymore speak out, speak up, call out evil. Silence is complicity.

    Here is a quote from Nehemiah: "Don't be afraid of the enemy! Remember the Lord, who is great and glorious, and fight for your friends, your families, and your homes!" NEHEMIAH 4:14

    "...for nothing can hinder the Lord, He can win battles whether He has many warriors or only a few!" SAMUAL 14:6

    "Be still, and know that I AM GOD; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!"

    Since evil people got us here, then we the children of the light can overcome them and turn things around. God has guaranteed us the victory if we would stand in faith and move head with boldness. Now, lets change this country!!


  7. So much of that is true. Moving from Montana to Vermont is seriously behind enemy lines where 1/3 is on foodstamps 1/2 on welfare. We heard of a 16 yr old boy and 15 yr old girl that had a child and between the state aid for the 3 of them they could pay rent eat and get whatever amusements without having to get a job!!! I'm thankful we homeschooled our 3 and that God says if you don't work you don't eat. Thanks Ebola. Tell Lady Dae, hi.

    1. "Ebola!!!???" Now thats messed up, LOL

  8. Now wait. My children attend public school and have since Kindergarten. I have a son in the 4th grade and a son in the 6th grade. I don't feel like your list sums up the education they are receiving, not at all. With the exception of numbers one and two on your list, I don't see that they've learned any of those things (and as far as the free lunch thing goes, even kids are smart enough to figure out that someone somewhere is paying for it). Perhaps it's regional, perhaps it's that they're learning at home not to believe those things, but in observing my kids and their friends, I'd say that they're getting a pretty decent, well-rounded education, in both matters of learning and society. Home-schooled children aren't the only good kids on the planet.

    I've been reading your blog for a good while now and I almost always agree with you, but this time I think you've missed the mark.

  9. Sending your children to public school is like a general sending his troops to be trained by his enemy....

  10. I'm with Alissa above. My dd is in public kindergarten, and I have met her teacher and principal, etc. She is definitely NOT learning such things from her school. Specifically "it's your teacher's fault if you fail" and "children are always right" seem to be attitudes that teachers hear from spoiled, entitled parents.

    If we were in a different part of the country or school district, I might worry more. However, I am OK with her hearing some viewpoints that are different from our family- because she always comes back to us and we have the greatest influence on her core values. I think of it like developing an immune system - if we teach her to manage dealing with wrong things she hears now, then she will be better prepared to deal with life in a pluralistic world.

    My folks pulled us from public school and sent us to parochial school. They had many good reasons, but it also had some negative consequences. When I finally got out into the world and met people from outside my subcultural "bubble", I found so many of them to be kind, thoughtful, ethical, and intelligent. This rocked my world and exposed a lot of hypocrasy, bias and superiority that I had been taught. It left me very naive and easily swayed. In a way I may have been worse off in my 20's than if I had been actively taught to deal with such ideas as a kid.

  11. Allissa & Ellen - Sorry. My kids went to a public school (one is done and one is a sophomore). It was in a "poorer" part of town. I was very pleased with the faculty and staff, but also know that my kids know right from wrong because it was taught and re-enforced AT HOME. If my kids were disciplined it was back up at home by both parents. I have seen other kids who attended the same school who would swear the the list above is the Bible. Your kids are doing or will do well because of what you do. My Sophomore has corrected several of his HS teachers on issues related to our Constitional Republic and has reminded more than one that we are NOT a Democracy. (Yet the very name of the Economics course they must take to graduate is "Problems of Democracy".) I am college faculty at a tech school and I SEE the results of what is described above. I believe your kids will have the opportunity to succeed in public school as mine did/are.....however I believe it will be due to your efforts at home rather than what they learn at school......natokadn