Sunday, March 4, 2012

Miss Serenity

Miss Calamity has turned 13.  With this milestone, we decided that she needed a new name - one that did not allude to great catastrophe.  And so, Miss Calamity has become Miss Serenity.

As is our custom, Sir Knight took Miss Serenity on a "Daddy Date" to celebrate her birthday.  They dressed up (in their best cowboy and cowgirl duds) and spent an evening enjoying each others company.  First, they went to Big R (a local feed store) to get some new Wranglers and have a look around, then, they made their way to the Outback Steakhouse for a steak dinner.  They talked and laughed and talked some more, enjoying just being together.  As they finished their meal, Sir Knight presented Miss Serenity with a ring - a ring that would knit their hearts together, only to be replaced when Miss Serenity's heart is knitted with her future husband and his ring replaces her fathers.

As Miss Serenity and Sir Knight spent an evening out, the rest of the family spent an evening in.  Since we didn't have a whole family to cook for, Maid Elizabeth and I made a treat that we rarely indulge in - Potato Skins!

First, we baked a number of potatoes (with the skins on, in the wood cookstove) until they were tender.  Then, we cut the potatoes in half and scooped out the flesh.  We melted butter in a saucepan and dipped each "potato boat" in the butter and placed it on a cookie sheet.  After each potato skin was well buttered, we filled them with grated cheddar cheese, bacon bits and chives (we prefer fresh, but had to settle for dried).  We put the potato skins in the oven just until the cheese melted (and started to turn slightly brown) and the skins crunched up. Ummm!  What a wonderful, tasty treat!  No one complained at all that we didn't have anything but potato skins for dinner (although Master Calvin did say "Is that all we are having?") and they were all gone by the time Sir Knight and Miss Serenity strolled through the door at the end of their evening.
Dipped in butter
Adding Cheddar Cheese
How could you go wrong with Cheese and Bacon?
Ready for the oven
Need I say anything?
We are thankful for our Miss Serenity and for the 13 years we have blessed with her.  May God preserve and keep her and grant her wisdom, knowledge and understanding as she walks into her future.


  1. what a wonderful treat for you and a wonderful 13th birthday for Miss Serenity! Traditions for life.

  2. what a wonderful way to celebrate a major milestone of a childs life....she will never forget it and from the photo, she has the best dad in the world. ps. i love those potatoe skins..and so does my husband..think i am gonna fix some up for supper tonight.

  3. Beautiful. Going from childhood into the age of accountability and adulthood is a celebration lost by most in this age. Congrats to you, Miss Serenity and Sir Knight. Beautiful.

  4. Nice to see dads and daughters together. My husband took our daughter on her first "date" for her 13th also. We had to replace the ring once so far, because her finger grew. She is now 18 and the only date so far has been with her dad. But she knows God has her mate when He is ready.
    By the way, we also think Big R is a great place to hang out.

  5. What a beautiful family tradition!!

  6. Sounds like a lovely day. Happy birthday, Miss Serenity - and congratulations to you all on a truly inspiring family tradition. :)

  7. The daddy date is the best. The feed store is a great date destination. Yesterday, I took my youngest daughter on a date to a gun store and an ice cream at an old general store and had the best time. We are nickname free, but Miss Serenity sounds nice.

    -Todd in Oregon.

  8. What a touching way to mark a milestone! Love it! Also love her new name. :) Happy Birthday Miss Serenity!

  9. Enola,
    What a beautiful way to celebrate her first step into becoming a young woman. The smiles on both their faces says it all! Happiest birthday wishes to you, Miss Serenity. :)

  10. Enola, First let me start out by wishing Miss Serenity a Happy 13th Birthday. I love your custom of the date with Dad on Serenity's Birthday and the receivinig of a ring which knits their hearts together. Enola, you and your husband Sir Knight have instilled great family values. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and by the way, those potato skins are making me hungry again!


  11. Hello Enola!
    Please extend Miss Serenity "Happy birthday Greetings" from the "R" family!! I had forgotten that her birthday is the same as our Arrow's, who of course is also 13. He has been such a joy. I think we will have our "coming of age and being a man" celebration next year for him.

    See is becoming such a lovely young woman!

    Did Sir Knight tell you that he and my Patriarch no longer work at the same company? He made "work" know he no longer worked for them today (Monday) Um, no. He does not have anything else 'for sure'... yet. A lead or two...

    Yet another reason I am SO GLAD we have been preparing for a few years now. We've plenty to weather this storm.
    Blessings to your dear family!
    ~Mrs. R

  12. Happy Big Day, to a precious young woman! Here is wishing you the gift of loving and obeying and above all the desire to know our precious Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiah. To know in your life His pure joy and His strength.

    When I raised my grand children (who are now young men and women, one is married with a new little one) I gave each of them a "True Love Waits" ring. We made a special night of it with their favorite dinner and special words of love and a covenant to wait for marriage for God's will for marriage and to keep pure for his/her God-given, life long mate. This precious yoing woman has been taught well. Praise God for you as such loving and caring parents who know and share His great and deep love.

  13. What a wonderful birthday for Miss Serenity! Yummy evening for the rest of you!

  14. Her first car has to be called "Firefly"...

    1. Shiny....I think that means I am a cross between Chloe and Enora - and Sir Knight is obviously Capt. Mal....wonder who River is?...

  15. Wow! She's a beauty, glowing from the inside out. Happy happy!

    I would hazard to guess that River and Simon haven't boarded yet.

    You have a glorious family, blessings upon you all.

  16. Very nice! Your husband looks to me like he is closely related to John Rhys Davies who played the sidekick, Sallah, to Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and who also played the warrior dwarf, Gimli, in Lord of the Rings.
    Check out this link:
    --K in OK <><

  17. Fantastic! I saw the ring ceremony for the first time in the movie Courageous. I hope to do that for my daughter.